Parkrun series race 3 – Bevendean Down with another PB fest from the Areneez

Welcome back parkrunners, and well done to those of you who made it up to the heady heights of Bevendean Down last Saturday!
Bit of a short one this time round, as there is lots going on in the Silvester household at the moment. Never fear though, a few choice stats have been included for you to enjoy, and of course a welcome return of the PB pie!
So, the attendance was decent, and significantly more than the same race last year. In total 39 runners made it along, with 18 ladies and 21 men attending.
Conditions were cool and relatively calm for such altitude, so set up ready for some fast course times.
For the men, Henry Miller was first finisher recording a PB time of 18:49 and improving his Arena 5th place record in the process, thus earning 2 bonus points and scoring a -1 total for the race. Boom.
In second place was Michael Rix with another PB time of 19:33 and achieving an Arena age grading record for the course of 74.25%. Nice.
In third place, was Dan Vaughan, who coasted over the line in 20:28, clearly saving his legs for the Gatwick half the following day. Solid.
Other guys who were served up a portion of PB pie on the day included Craig Isaac, Julian Holingdale, Paul Knott, Michael Jones, Chris Keene, John Orden, Charlie Hempstead, David Brindley and Bob Page.
For the ladies, Tara Shanahan was back for her first parkrun series race of the year to secure 1st place with a time of 21:31. Super.
Helena Rooney was second finisher just behind Tara with a PB time of 21:50 and adds to her impressive run of results for the year as an ever present. Smashing.
Another ever present in 2019 was Rachel Burgess who was third finisher again with a PB and time of 23:30. Great.
Other PB performances on the day included Rachel Burgess, Angelina Smy, Julie Drake, Lorraine Hale, Sue Brumwell, Juliet Fine, Patryca Wollnijk, Penny Simpson, Sarah Silbertson and Christine Gibbons.
As mentioned, the PB pie has been re-filled and there are pleasingly equal portions this round with 11 PBs for the men and 11 PBs for the ladies.
However when we look at these figures from a percentage of runners running, the ladies wedge it with 61% of ladies running achieving a PB on the day compared to the 52% of men running achieving a PB.
Bon appetit.
With all that in mind, I’m sure you are again wondering what the series overall scores are?
Well, after round 3 the tables are showing Helen Rooney retaining her top spot with 7 points. Rachel Burgess moves up a place to 2nd on 12 points. And a new entry on the podium for Angelina Smy on 21 points! Great stuff girls.
For the guys, Michael Rix also retains his no.1 spot with 5 points, and Dan V now occupies 2nd spot in his own right on 10 points. In 3rd is Craig Isaac on 13 points.
For full standings, see below.
On to the Arena Parkrun records, and there are a couple of updates to be made as to the men’s records as mentioned. To view these in all their splendour, see below:
Bevendean Down parkrun Men
1 Timmy Gedin 2016 18m 06s
2 Aled Anderson 2018 18m 39s
3 Anthony Snelling 2017 18m 45s
4 Al Silvester 2016 18m 46s
5 Henry Miller 2019 18m 49s

Age grading
1 Michael Rix – 74.25%
2 Dan Vaughan – 73.82%
3 Paul Gasson – 72.43%
4 Jim Watson – 71.81%
5 Henry Miller – 71.55%

Bevendean Down parkrun Women
1 Tara Shanahan 2018 20m 55s
2 Katherine O’Hara 2016 21m 24s
3 Caroline Wood 2016 21m 35s
4 Helena Rooney 2018 23m 01s
5 Rachel Burgess 2019 23m 51s

Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 82.15%
2 Nicky Yeates – 78.68%
3 Tara Shanahan – 78.25%
4 Jackie Rymell – 73.73%
5 Katherine O’Hara – 72.43%

Next stop is sunny Worthing on the 29th June, and an age grading race, where hopefully we’ll see some red hot times and some ice cold ice creams (for me at least).