Arena Club Only Hill Race – A80 Super Series Event or Relay Options 18th July

A message from our race organiser Brigitte Groves:
I appreciate you will have other goals coming up before 18 July but I wouldn’t want you to miss the opportunity to enter the prestigious Arena Hill Race!  So this is an early warning for your diary!
The race starts at the Devils Dyke at the point where the SDW crosses the road and will follow the SDW to the TOP of Beeding Hill….and then back again!  It’s tough but just think of the exhilaration when you finish and the opportunity for a beer if you so wish! The start will be at 6.45pm with runners going off at 30 second intervals there is an expectation that you will be there by 6.30pm at the latest to collect numbers and check in with me.
This year as a trial the race will include a two stage relay, although it won’t count towards the Super-series there will be a small prize structure.  It will take a bit of logistical movement but I think it is a great way for members to feel included in the challenge without the pressure of doing the entire route, who knows next year you might feel encouraged to do it solo!  The relay changeover point will be at the top of Beeding Hill where there is a small car park, the plan will be recruit a couple of ‘drivers’ to transport runners (depending on numbers of course).
For now, please add the date to your diary and let me know if you are interested in either solo or the relay. If you have a partner preference for the relay let me know, otherwise I will match you up…bit like speed dating for runners!  You can contact me via Facebook, Twitter, instant message, email or by taking me out for a drink!  
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