Arena men take bronze and gold at the SDW 100 mile relay race.

Thank you to Steve McNealy for this report.
Just like to voice my agreement with Katherine on what a fantastic day it was, even in the mad heat. It was a mixed day for the men with some unforgettable memories, a flat tyre on route between legs meant hitching a lift to get to the last three legs to complete the race for the B team, After abandoning your running mates to sort the problem and then realising yourself what are we going to do when we finish ???? but it all worked out in the end ( apart for the sitting waiting for a tow truck after a temporary repair failed and not getting home until 1.00am) The men’s B team came home in first place with a comfortable 40 minute cushion, chasing the Arena ladies helped spur us on, so much that we ran quicker than last year by 12 minutes and also won the prize for being nearest prediction of the teams finishing times – only out by about 90 seconds.
The A team were also in flying form, setting off at the start last, 1 hour behind the B team, chasing hard, closed the gap by the finish to about 20 minutes, a few wobbles in the heat and a bit of a runner diversion on a few legs resulted in a third place finish, just being pipped by Phoenix by 50+ seconds, on a good normal day the lads would have been very close to winning if not being the winners this year, something to work on for next year.
Big big thanks to all the drivers, Captains, navigators and marshals who helped make this day happen, without you we would be lost, literally.
A special mention must go to Mike Naylor, who organises the smooth running of our changeover for the race at the start of leg 5, Mike has been doing this for more years than I can remember, never phased, always organised and so so reliable. This is unfortunately to be Mike’s last year as he is retiring from this post, so thank you Mike for all of your hard work over the years from all at Arena 80.
(If you feel you can fill Mike’s shoes in this role then please let me know for next year)
As always the ladies were superb, running faster than last year under the the time predictions from Tara to each team runner, no one let her down, if I’m honest, I can’t ever see this team losing on the individual strengths that these ladies showed, so proud to be an Arena runner and for being part of this great day and being amongst great friends.