Mr Rix improves on his own club record – Hip Hip Hooray

So I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this Arena member, he goes by the name of Michael Rix and as a reminder he’s the one that keeps adding new Arena club parkrun records.
It seems almost like we publish this on a weekly basis these days but big up and congratulations yet again to Mr Rix who took to Worthing parkrun and equalled his PB time of exactly 16.45 to take 1st over the line. With that time he it also pulled up his age grading to 86.67% which extends the club records even further from his previous age grading of 84.07% which he set back in January of this year.
Now what makes this even more astonishing is that when he was 42 Michael thought he would never get to run again as he had a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and then had a hip replacement to follow. He had some very big lows during this time so to be able to achieve what he is doing now is nothing short of miraculous. Michael has definitely pushed the age grading club records on for the men and, as previously said many times already this year, I’m sure this will not be the last report we will be putting up this year about Mr Rix. Well done Michael.
If you would like to hear Michael’s story then you can view this short video. Michael’s story
The new men’s Worthing age grading records now stand at:
Age grading
1 Michael Rix – 86.67%
2 Paul Gasson – 82.88%
3 Richard Clayton – 82.58%
4 Dan Vaughan – 81.39%
5 Marc Steene – 80.85%