Arena 2019 parkrun series: Race 4 – Worthing

Greeting guys and welcome back to the fourth of the Parkrun Series race reviews, this time over at Worthing where it was a case of Mercury Rising in the glorious summer sun.

The attendance was decent with 45 brave souls ready to Die Hard in the hot hot heat. The overall field was a bumper 553 finishers so getting a good starting spot was key to getting away quickly and avoiding the Armageddon.
The heat also meant that both the Arena Club Records and the Worthing Parkrun Age Category records proved Unbreakable. However there were still some PBs achieved, more on that later.
On to the racing and a fast start saw Timmy G take on first male Arena spot, and he held that the entire race, finishing in an overall 3rd place with a time of 16:30. However it was Michael Rix who finished just 20 seconds behind Timmy who gained 1st age grading spot with a whopping 86.15% (remarkably not his best!).
For the females, it was Helena Rooney came through as first finisher for the women with a time of 20:51. However again it was Caroline Wood who topped the age grading standings with 87.37%, also remarkably not her best.
On to some more big numbers for the second places, with Trevor Day (79.97%) for the males, and Jenny Hughes (81.22%) for the females. In third, it was Dan Vaughan (79.85%) and Yvonne Patrick (78.81%).
So back to the PBs, and due to the heat I had a Sixth Sense that there wouldn’t be too many on the day due to the heat. However 6 runners made an improvement, 1 for the females (Rachel Burgess) and 5 for the males (Tim Lodge, Luke Carter, Jullian Hollingdale, Chris Keene and Ross McLatchie). Well done everyone, but I’ll put the PB pie back in the freezer for now. 
With all that in mind, I’m sure you are again wondering what the series overall scores are? So let’s go The Whole Nine Yards, and lay them out.
After round 4 the tables are showing Helen Rooney still in top spot, with Rachel Burgess in 2nd, and Angelina Smy in 3rd.
For the guys, Michael Rix is still in 1st place, Dan Vaughan in 2nd and John Orden in 3rd.
Full tables below.