Final Vet’s track league of the year at Lewes on July 29

Dear Over 35’s,
Here’s the programme of events for the final Vet’s track league of the year at Lewes on July 29.
I’ll be organising both the men’s and women’s teams, but for the last time. I’m standing down at the end of this season, so in due course, the club will be looking for someone else to take on the role. In an ideal world, it would be a non competitor, although I’ve combined the organising and competing (after a fashion) for a number of years. More on this in the months to come. Just advanced notice in case anyone is desperate to take over.
If you are interested in competing at this meeting, please let me know, with your age (so I don’t offend you when I put you in the over 50’s and you’re only 36) and preferred events. It is sometimes helpful to say ‘Oh, I don’t mind what I do’ but I would rather put you in the event that you really want to do. If we have too many for any event, there is the opportunity to compete as a non scorer. Although we take the competing seriously, we’re not like some clubs and try to fill each event (Hammer etc) just to get points.
I promise to arrange better weather than the last meeting!
As we’re not primarily a track club, whereas most of the other competing clubs are, I’ve been asked to highlight a few pieces of basic track etiquette at these meetings:

  • Don’t walk across the finish line when a race is in progress as it can distract judges and timekeepers (in fact, probably keep well clear of the finish area at all times unless you’re called to compete)
  • Don’t cross the field. There may be throwing events in progress (again, best to keep off the inner field altogether)
  • Make sure you’re ready for your event when called, and make sure you have the correct number/letter
  • Only run your race once

I still don’t do Bookface or any other form of unsociable media so please, please, please send me an email, not to the Arena address, but my home one as sent out in the Arena club email.
Can you please let me know by July 23rd as I have to submit the team sheets in advance. I am away for the weekend before the meeting, so need to submit the team by Thursday 25 July.
We do also have a responsibility to officiate at the women’s triple jump and the men’s long jump, so any volunteers will be gratefully received.
Look forward to hearing from you all.
MATCH 3  Lewes  Monday  29 July 2019 (Organised by Brighton)
Track                                                                                           Field                                              
18.30    Hammer             W       35         50         60
18.50    100m                   M       35         50
19.00    Triple Jump         W      35          50
19.00    High Jump           M      35          50
19.10    100m                   W       35          50
19.25    1500m                M        35          50        60
19.25    Javelin                 W        35          50
19.25    Hammer             M       35           50        60
19.40    1500m                W        35          50         60          19.40    Long Jump    M     35    50
19.50    400m                   M        35          50
20.00    400m                   W        35          50
20.00    Shot                     M         35          50
20.00    High Jump          W         35          50
20.10    5000m                M          35          50
20.40    Medley Relay    M (200/200/400/800)
20.50    Medley Relay    W (200/200/400/800)