A new Arena men’s club 5k improvement record

We have a new improvement to the Arena men’s 5k club records. Unsurprisingly it comes from the man that has hit such good form in 2019 which has continued all through this year and no signs of stopping yet, it is of course Michael Rix.
Michael has been taking part in the Lakeside 5k series down in Portsmouth. His first race back in April gave him a time of 17.30. He then went on to record 17.15 and 17.00 at the subsequent races in the series. On the 24 July Michael recorded a time of 16.51 which was a new PB beating his previous best of 16.54, also set at Lakeside in May 2018. The course itself is a bit of a tricky, bendy road race on dusty trail round the lake and always, I’m told, measures 3.15 so big up to the Rix for this new record. Michael also wrapped up the series as 5th overall but 1st man in the O45 category.
As for the Arena club improvement record, this now pushes Michael up another place to now sit in 3rd place.
A fine achievement indeed Mr Rix and congratulations on a fine set of series results.
The club records now stand:
5K Men
1 Richard Clayton SM Goodwood 2018 16m 04s
2 Alex Jago SM Ipswich Twilight 2019 16m 12s
3 Michael Rix O40 Lakeside 2019 16m 51s
4 Gary McKivett SM Ipswich 2019 16m 56s
5 Please let us know if you have a time that should go here.
The 5k club record times have been revised by taking out the parkrun times as parkrun have their own set of records. If you feel you have a time that belongs in the men’s 5k records then please let us know. The 5k times are for road races only and must be certified measured courses. At the moment we are missing one position for the men’s 5k records so if you think you have a time that should go in then ping us a message.