Arena 3k track race and Super Series race Monday 5th Aug

Arena  80  3K  Start List 
Please see below the entries. Please report to our club president Chris Naylor on arrival to collect your race number. These start times are just for guidance to assist with your warm up. We will start when we are ready and will not wait for anyone. 
Race 1 approx  6.-50 pm 
Trevor Day, Nicola Yeates, Paul Gasson,  John Orden, Stuart Brown,  Andrew Clark, Katie Wright, Caroline Wood,  Charlie Hempstead,  Eddie Warden,  John Thompson,  Soulla Wright, Andrew Wood
Race 2 approx 7-10 pm 
David Robinson,  Dan King, Daniel Burton, Mark Halls.  Timmy Gedin,  Dani Tarleton,  Michael Barker,  Helen Moss,  Jim Watson,  Sophie Coleman,  Del Wallace, Mark Sallis, Steve McNealy,  Marcus Dwyer,  Adam Brown
Race 3 approx 7-30 pm
Marc Bonaldi, Kate Rowinska,  Bob Page,  Jenny Hughes,  Kate Turnbull,  Lee Turnbull,  Bob Potiphar, Yvonne Patrick,  Graham Shorter,  Juliet Fine,  Brigitte Groves,  Stella Cross,  Anne Miners,  Cathy Warden,  Steve Wood,  Alan Garnham,  Nigel Sarjudeen
Below are the 3k race athletes of 2015/16/17/18/. There will be a team photo for 2019 afterwards. Who’s still here from 2015?