The 19th Adur Challenge Arena Club Only Event / Super Series

The 19th Adur Challenge (AC) as you know takes place on Thursday the 15th August so please read the following especially if you are a 1st timer.
The course is approx. 10km and flat, about 1 metre of elevation.
Club vests to be worn.
The AC starts at exactly 6.30 pm when the 1st runner will leave and then in order of handicap up to the fastest. It is down to you to be ready to go, the starters watch won’t take into account any lateness on your part. As per normal you won’t know your starting time (handicap) until you are called up, so err on the side of caution. With this in mind you will also need to sign in and collect your number on the night.
The whole run is off road on an excellent surface and road shoes will suffice, if anything changes due to days of poor weather then you will be notified. The route is part of the Downslink and well maintained.
The start is by the wooden carved Heron on the Downslink on the east side of the river Adur, just before the A27 crosses the river. (RED CROSS BELOW).

Parking in streets around Red Lion.
The course follows the Downslink up to the vicinity of Bramber and returns, so start and finish in the same place.
Key points:

  • On leaving the start you will quickly pass under the A27.
  • Continue on path until you pass the old Beeding cement works.
  • After this your next key point is to cross the Adur over the SDW footbridge and turn right on other side.
  • You will come to a marshalled junction where you go left and follow the Downslink round a large field, never leaving the fence line around the field until you reach the next marshalled point by another road bridge.
  • At this point you will be directed back towards the previous marshal and follow the outward leg back to the start. At all times, apart from the last starter, you will be chased down by the later starters.

This event is primarily the Adur Challenge (first over the line) but is also part of the A80 Super Series where your run time counts and not where you finish, so if you are passed don’t slow but keep going to get the best run time you can.
We have been exposed to many extremes of weather on this event so bring water and be well hydrated but also be mindful you could get cold if it rains. There is a water point near the SDW bridge, a short diversion from the route if needed.
Water point in red cross and blue lines are run route over SDW bridge.

Run route below showing path around large field at far end of course.

Even though we have a couple of marshals at the far end it is down to you entirely to know the route.
The course is open to the public and is classified as a bridle way so cyclists, horse riders and dog walkers may be encountered, so be courteous at all times.
We have had registrations already however if you have not yet registered or can no longer take part please reply ONLY to the email address that has been sent out to you all on 09/08/2019. The same for queries.
ENTRIES CLOSE 13th August 6pm – Handicapper has a lot of work to do, no late entries will be considered. No entries via FB.