Arena 2019 parkrun series: Race 5 – Peacehaven

The parkrun report bought to you by the race organiser Al Silvester so a big thank you for all the work that’s go behind this series.
Oh hi guys. Pleased to have your attention! Hope you’ve had a good summer.
Here at Parkrun Series HQ, its been all about the build up to race 5 over in Peacehaven, so without further ado, here is the brief summary of the proceedings!

Attendance: 33 Arenas out of a total of 167 runners
Conditions: Warm, bright, light breeze
Atmosphere: Jolly
Well, with those key details out of the way, I can tell you that the racing was high quality with Michael Rix and Tara Shanahan putting in some great times to come in first place respectively. Well done guys.
Now I’m sure you are wondering how big the PB pie is right? Well, its healthy 2 PBs from the women (Helena Rooney and Penny Simpson), and 4 for the men (Michael Rix, Dan Vaughan, Jullian Hollingdale, and Malcom Roweth). Pukka!
Looking at the club records, there have been a couple of changes for the women, with Helena Rooney’s time improving her own 3rd place in the overall time records up to 20m and 37s. Add to that Katie Wright knocking Gemma Sharp off her 5th place with her time of 21:00. No changes on the age grading front though. Nice one girls.
Similarly for the men, just two changes on the overall time standings with Michael Rix and Dan Vaughan knocking out the bald bonces of Teo Van Well and Alan Silvester in 4th and 5th place respectively.
However all 3 of the top 3 age grading places have now changed, with Michael Rix improving his age grading in first place to 77.98%, Julian Hollingdale popping in to 2nd with 77.30%, and finally Dan Vaughan coming in to 3rd with 76.53%.
With all that in mind, lets take a look at the series’ overall scores are? Well, as expected Helena Rooney has cemented her top spot a little more on 14 points, with Angelina Smy moving up to 2nd from 3rd and Rachel Burgess just about grabbing 3rd on 68 points.
For the guys, Michael Rix is still in 1st place and has actually lowered his overall points down to 5 due to his age gradded record bonus and PB bonus. Dan Vaughan stays in 2nd on 14 points and Julian Hollingdale showing brilliant form this year moving up to 3rd on 47 points.
Full tables below.
Women’s series standings:

Men’s series standings:

However, did you also know, that this race was a mob match with another running club?! Thanks to Caroline Wood and her efforts, we were facing off against the mighty Hastings Runners!
Now, I’m not quite sure how it all works, but basically depending on each runner’s finishing position, they score points which contribute to the team’s overall score. Whichever team has the highest score wins!
And guess what? Well, we won! 1018 points to 362. Quite a close contest I’m sure you’ll agree. But all good fun and good for some cross club relationship building.
Apparently we have also won a trophy to celebrate our efforts, and will be looking to hold on to it next year (details TBC) in the repeat fixture!