A new womens parkrun course record smashed by Arenas Maisie Trafford

The Hove Prom parkrun course record gets smashed by Maisie Trafford
With a disappointing race last week in Cardiff last week (her words), Maisie took some time out this week to rest and recoup. She went along to Hove Prom parkrun feeling rested and happier going in to this run. From the start she felt comfortable and seeing her flying along the prom she looked very much at ease and we could see she was really flying along. As the run went on she felt that she would definitely beat her PB time but not to the degree of her finishing time.
Maisie has run a 17.10 time at Worthing parkrun in May 2019 and also a 16.52 at the Birthday Boys 5000m track event in August of this year, so she is hitting some very good form at the moment.
The women’s course record for Hove Prom parkrun was set way back in March 2016 by a woman named Ella Revitt who was not affiliated to any club, with her time set at 17.51, which is an exceptional time by any standards.
Maisie’s previous best at this course was 18.47 set in April 2017 so the PB was well on its way out. Crossing the finishing line Maisie checked her watch to find her new PB time of 17.13 which smashed the record by 38 seconds which really is outstanding
Needless to say she now vaults from 5th place to top spot in the women’s Hove Prom parkrun records. There are no changes to the women’s age grading records.
Huge congratulations to Maisie on such a fine run. The new club records now stand:
Hove Promenade parkrun Women
1 Maisie Trafford 2019 17m 13s
2 Emily Proto 2016 17m 53s
=3 Caroline Hoyte 2015 17m 59s
=3 Tara Shanahan 2018 17m 59s
5 Emily Hutchinson 2016 18m 31s
Just going on from this new club record, I wanted to mention us as a club at this event this morning. Arena seem to do a lot in many ways in giving back to the sport we love and this was prevalent at Hove Prom. So shout outs going to the Arena pacers out there who were Dan Vaughan – 23 mins, Teo Van Well – 24 mins, Katie Wright – 25 mins and Marc Bonaldi 26 mins. Big shout going to Lorraine Hale for bar scanning, Charlie Hempstead for funnel manager, Helen Block for pre-setup and of course Mark Brocklehurst and Georgia Carrick for the main roles of this parkrun.
I would also like to mention a couple of members who totally go above and beyond and they are Jim Roberts and Luke Carter for being VI Guides. Jim got to take Keith Turner around the course and I feel Jim will need to be upping his fitness levels as they came home in a time of 20.28 to both register new PB times beating the previous time of 20.50 set in May 2019. This really is an incredible time and just shows the bond there is between our two members, simply brilliant guys. Luke Carter having guided his runner around then proceeded to take Keith Turner out for an additional training run after the parkrun. I would like to say thank you to all those arena members that gave something back for the sport we love.
A shout out goes to Lee Turnbull who registered his 5th PB of the year here as he took his time down to 22.44. I mention this as back in February 2019 when he came back to running his time here registered at 27.26 so Lee has done some great work to bring it down. Surely this proves that the track sessions are worth doing. Good to see Al Silvester finding his stride again with a time of 18.13 which isn’t too shabby for a comeback run to the Hove Prom.
The last big shout must go to Isobel Muir who has reached the heady heights of completing her 400th parkrun, now that really is something to shout about, huge congratulations Issy.