Run Store Sussex Road Race Challenge Standings – Arena on top.

Run Store Sussex Road Race Challenge Standings as sponsored by The Run Store in Hove and Worthing, your first call for trainers sold with years of running knowledge.
The standings have now been released for this year’s road race challenge and it makes for good reading.
After two events, it’s good to see one of our men in the top 4 of the men’s table. We know that this is always a difficult table with so many of the best runners in Sussex taking part and so it’s always pleasing to see an Arena name showing in the top 10. Michael Rix on 25 points shows in at number 4 as representing Arena.
The results that count at the end of the series are the three best of the five events and having completed one event so far, we have other Arena men showing in the list with Richard Clayton, Timmy Gedin, Tim Lodge, Dan Vaughan and Michael Barker all making their mark in the table.
After two events for the women, it’s an Arena clean sweep with all the top 7 taken up by Arena women.
Leading the way on 5pts is Tara Shanahan having placed 2nd and 3rd in the first two events. In 2nd place is Dani Tarleton on 8pts having placed 4th in both the events and completing the top 3 is Juliette Roberts on 16pts having placed 9th and 7th from her first two races.
The following places are taken up by Katherine O’Hara 21pts in 4th, Helena Rooney on 21pts also in 4th, Kerry Scott on 38pts in 6th place and great to see Kerry back in action after some timeout and completing the top 7 is Nicky Yeates on 46pts.
After one event we have yet more Arena names gracing the table with Caroline Hoyte and Maisie Trafford sitting on 1.5pts and yes you read that right. The other names showing are Helen Moss, Jenny Hughes, Sue Brumwell, Chris Naylor, Katie Wright, Catherine Warden and Anne Miners.
What does this all mean in terms of the team standings, well after some DNF’s due to injuries and illness during the Phoenix 10k Arena were in 2nd place after the first race. With a successful showing in the Kings Head Canter and some fine results from our team, we are very happy to see Arena topping the table once more on 3pts with B&HAC in 2nd place on 5pts and Phoenix AC in 3rd place on 5pts. As per the individual races, it’s the 3 of the 5 best results that count. The next race of the series is the Barns Green HM on Sunday 29th September. Arena did very well at this race last year so here’s hoping for a good result for 2019 and good luck to all of athletes taking part in this one for Arena.
Just a reminder to any of athletes looking to race for the club over the coming months then please consider the following races as these add points to the challenge. Of course the Hove Prom 10k is an Arena hosted event so many of our athletes will be marshaling this race and may have some impact on the results.
Hove Prom 10k – Sunday 20th October – Hove Prom 10k entry
Brighton 10k – Sunday 17th November – Brighton 10k entry
2019 Series Standings (after 2/5) – Teams

Position Team R1: Phx 10k R2: KHC 5k R3: Barns Green HM R4: Hove 10k R5: B’ton 10k 3/5 TOTAL
1 ARENA 80 AC 2 1 3

2019 Series Standings (after 2/5) – Men

Position Forename Surname R1: Phx 10k R2: KHC 5k R3: Barns Green HM R4: Hove 10k R5: B’ton 10k 3/5 TOTAL:
1 James Turner 2 5 7
2 James Skinner (V) 7 6 13
3 Matt Bradford 12 8 20
4 Michael Rix (V) 8 17 25

2019 Series Standings (after 2/5) – Women

Position Forename Surname R1: Phx 10k R2: KHC 5k R3: Barns Green HM R4: Hove 10k R5: B’ton 10k 3/5 TOTAL:
1 Tara Shanahan (V) 2 3 5
2 Dani Tarleton (V) 4 4 8
3 Juliette Roberts (V) 9 7 16
4 Katherine O’Hara (V) 13 8 21
4 Helena Rooney 12 9 21
6 Kerry Scott (V) 28 10 38
7 Nicky Yeates (V) 33 13 46