Table Tennis Report

Arena members swapped running shoes for bats and balls last Saturday for some “friendly” competition! Graham Shorter reports that there ain’t no party like a ping pong party!
Saturday 16 November, 2019, the venue, Brighton Table Tennis Club.
14 intrepid Arena members swapped sports and ventured into a non competitive (yeah, right) table tennis adventure.
We were divided into 3 groups, each playing every one else in their group. The group winners and runners up advanced to the next stages when the competition hotted up. Semi finals were duly reached, when the atmosphere was electric. The third/fourth place play off was intense when I eventually lost (in a first to 11 game) 19-17 to Neal Udeen. Yes, we just kept going, a point each until the pressure just got too much for me!! The final was won by Ruben Hoyte, in a thriller with Jack Siberston.
We were then paired up for a doubles competition, 7 pairs, all playing all the others. Now doubles is fun because you have to hit the ball alternately, so there was much confusion. None of the teams won all their games and the semi finals were hard fought. Eventually Sarah Silberston and Neal Udeen were in third place, and Paul Gasson and I lost the final to Jack Silberston and David Kemp.
We adjourned to a local pizzeria for a meal afterwards. (I should add that the Mars bar in cookie dough was something of a disappointment, although clearly not disappointing in the calorie stakes).
A really good evening, hopefully to be repeated and thanks to Paul for organising.