Virtual club night – The BIG EA QUIZ take 2

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Stephanie Cameron and I am the club support manager for the west midlands region. However the reason for this email has nothing to do with the west midlands at all. Each week I will be hosting a virtual club night on Tuesdays between 7-8 online for clubs to get involved.

What are Virtual Club Nights?

Virtual club nights are a series of events hosted through the webinar platform or our Facebook live. They work on a three week rotation and combine, Quizzes and Q&As with professional athletes . Each event takes place on a Tuesday evening between 7pm and 8pm. So far we have hosted our first quiz, and two Q&As with Donna Fraser and Jenny Meadows

Following the success of these nights we are continuing the events with round 2 of ‘THE BIG EA CLUB QUIZ’ next Tuesday 12th May. Our first quiz on the 21st April saw 110 clubs take part from around the country and compete in 3 rounds.  So make sure your club is in the mix.

To book onto the quiz please visit:

Where can I get any additional Info?

You can find more information on our website here –