Who Rules The Streets After Covid-19, Safer For Runners In Built Up Areas?

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Cycling could increase five-fold across London under post-lockdown plans to overhaul the city’s streets, where pavements will be widened to allow for physical distancing and queueing outside shops.
New walking and cycling routes will be constructed along major corridors, including temporary cycle lanes along routes such as Euston Road, under the ‘London Streetscape’ plans. Transport for London (TfL) is also looking at creating temporary cycle lanes on Park Lane.
The release of the initial details by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, comes as he continued to come under pressure to increase tube services or take steps to address significant numbers of people still using the network.
Khan’s office said that millions of journeys a day will need to be made by other means with London’s public transport capacity potentially running at a fifth of pre-crisis levels.
Use of public transport could be discouraged as lockdown ends.
If people switch only a fraction of those journeys to cars, it warned that London risks grinding to a halt, air quality will worsen, and road danger will increase.
The plans were welcomed by organisations such Living Streets, a walking charity, which said the the pandemic had highlighted the importance that walking plays in people’s lives. Its director Stephen Edwards said:

Where London’s pavements aren’t suitable for safe social distancing, it is vital widening happens to ensure people aren’t forced into the paths of oncoming traffic.