Open European Masters Virtual 5k Challenge

Arena Members Contact Captains Dani Tarleton or Dan Vaughan if interested.

Contact Details:

Please contact the organiser, not OpenTrack, for all queries

Open EMA Challenge – Virtual 5km

Runs must be completed between 9th and 21st May 2020. Entry fee GBP 1.50 (EUR appox 1.70).  Donations requested during entry to help Africa fight COVID-19 – to be distributed by African Masters Athletics.
How to compete

  1. Sign in to your OpenTrack account, creating an account if needed.
  2. Enter competition by the green Enter Here button below, following instructions, paying the £1.50 entry fee and optional donation.
  3. Race your 5km within the competition dates.
  4. Upload your GPS proof of activity by clicking the yellow Submit Result button below.
  5. Watch Results and Scores via the links below.


  • Routes should start and finish in the same location to avoid unfair gains from tail winds or descents
  • Local safety and social distancing rules should be adhered to
  • Times should be based on running “time elapsed” rather than “moving time”
  • We may implement a time penalty or disqualification on activities with significant deviation from the rules

Team scoring format

  • Fastest 3 Athletes per country in each category (M35, W35, M40, W40…)  score in national teams
  • Best 12 Athletes (all ages and genders) score in an Age Graded national team competition

Contact details: