Anaerobic Capacity Pyramid – Coach Mark Stephenson Session

If you are like me, you would have increased the length of your runs during the lockdown. Whilst this will improve your aerobic fitness, the danger is that you will lose your speed over shorter distances.

I therefore am suggesting another anaerobic session.

The fast work is all at mile pace so not flat out but out of your comfort zone . After a warm up, the fast intervals go from 300 metres, then 400, 600, 800, 600, 400 and finally 300. In between each interval take a slow jog recovery which should be longer in time than the preceding fast interval. It is important that you take the recovery so you are ready to work hard at the next. For example if you take 2 minutes on one of the fast intervals, take a three minute slow jog recovery before you start the next one. If you are working hard, you will need the recovery. All the intervals should be at the same pace so do not go too hard on the first ones.

Do not worry about running exactly 300 metres etc. Pick out a landmark which is roughly that distance and run to that rather than running along looking at your watch  – use your common sense and do not cross any roads during the fast bits. Take care at all times.

Mark Stephenson