Interesting Updates From Members Virtual Efforts & Further Challenges

Although we have no plans to start posting virtual runs on our club website, I just wanted to acknowledge some of the fine ‘racing’ that has been going on within the club and commend you on your efforts to stay fit and sharp during these difficult times.
It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the recent endurance efforts of those who took part in the Centurion Community races. There were some great efforts from Jim Watson over 50k, Kevin Price and Marcus Escott over 100 miles, and most outstandingly, Luke Carter who managed 14th overall by completing 100 miles in one effort, taking just outside 21 hours. Without fellow competitors and organised aid stations and support out on the course, the physical and mental effort to do this beggars belief. Impressive stuff Luke. Keep up the good work everyone. Happy running

Luke Carter Thanks Teo! If anyone is looking for a challenge during June there is this: with options from 50k to 500k for the month, 500k would work out at about 78 miles a week.

Marcus Escott Thanks Teo! And this in July for those that like a hill….…/one-up-2020