Arentopia 5 Mile Entries Now Closed

Arentopia 5 mile entries are now closed – well done to all the participants in round 3 – another smashing turnout!
Hopefully I didn’t set any unrealistic expectations by getting the results out so quickly last time! Don’t expect that to happen again… so give me a few days, and like last time I’ll aim for the weekend at the latest, but hope to be sooner.
Below is the list of entries that have been sent to me, so if you’re not on the list and believe you have sent me your result please alert me to this.
Just a reminder to actually send me the screenshot/ photo – the following are all fine; Email, Whatsapp, Meesenger or tagging me on Facebook or Strava.
Unfortunately just posting on the internet and hoping I may see it is no guarantee that I will do… so if you’re missing, let me know QUICKLY…
Andrew Bargery
Angelina Smy
Ben Wilson
Bob Page
Chris Keene
Chris Naylor
Dan King
DB Burton
David James Gifford
David Kemp
Del Wallace
Gary Osborne
Helena Cube
Jackie Rymell
Jenny Hughes
Jim Watson
John Orden
John Thompson
John Wright
Katie Wright
Malcolm Roweth
Marc Bonaldi
Marcus Escott
Mark Sallis
Michael Barker
Michael Miller
Nicky Yeates
Paul Arscott
Paul Gasson
Rachel Burgess
Richard James
Sam Bennett
Sarah Silberston
Shawn Buck
Stephen Knott
Timmy Gedin
Trevor Day
Yvonne Patrick
All the best
Tris Sharp