BMAF virtual road relays 14th-20th June ( inc)

All results direct to Dani at by 23rd June pls for inputting.

Hi everyone. I hope you are all staying safe and well.
This is a post FAO everyone signed up for the BMAF virtual road relays 14th-20th June ( inc) from the organisers. Here goes…..
Please find below details of the final race instructions for the forthcoming British Masters Virtual 5k relays, which takes place from 14th-20th June and for which you are entered. At the time of writing we have raised over £8350 for MacMillan Nurses, from over 2800 entries, which is a fantastic achievement and for which we thank you.
(The club kindly paid our charity entrance fee.)
Teams: They will be grouped automatically into multiple teams in 10-year age bands (down-ageing allowed), based on their ages as of 14th June: M35-44: 6 stages; M45-54, W35-44: 4 stages; M55-64, M65-74; M75+, W45-54, W55-64, W65-74; W75+: 3 stages. Individual entries also welcome from anyone. Entries close on 19th June.
Down-ageing: Clubs should now have a good idea of the number of athletes in their respective teams, should you wish to make any down-ageing changes please email
and we will make those changes for you on the system. Any athletes down-ageing for team purposes will still appear in their natural age groups for individual rankings purposes.
The Course: We are aiming to achieve neutral elevation over all courses, which should therefore be one or more complete circular loops or and out and back route totalling 5k. If followed correctly this should ensure that courses are flat overall, however if for any reason loops are not complete and courses have a negative elevation of more than 10m, we will have to apply a penalty, so please stick to the rules!
You must be fully aware of the dangers involved in participating and be responsible for your own safety, especially if using public roads. Running on a track is also allowed, but you will have to measure the distance you run on the track itself e.g. 12.5 laps of 400m each, as GPS watches will tend to overstate the distance on a circular track. The evidence of the time achieved can still come from your GPS watch, but please email me to let me know that this was completed on a track as well.
Submitting Results: Athletes must record their performances using GPS devices and submit evidence entitled “British Masters Virtual 5k Relays” with their result submission (via Strava or Garmin Connect) in order to qualify for an award. Anyone not physically able to do this should contact us. You or your club entries coordinator can enter your race result online via the link which will be open from the race homepage within Opentrack in the period 14-20 June. If this is not physically possible, then ask someone to witness your “race” and send the Race Secretary an email to confirm your time. The same could apply to someone doing the run on a treadmill, because they are shielding themselves at home due to coronavirus risks or other medical constraints. Note that record-breaking performances and personal bests are normally set in safe/supervised conditions, whereas in a virtual event, safety is an individual responsibility and must take precedence over the desire to “win”. Once a result has been submitted you will be unable to enter a second subsequent effort, so if you are intending on multiple runs within the event window, please only submit one performance.
For any clubs who have made bulk entries on behalf of their athletes, please be aware that the individual who made the entries will need to collect all results and input these on behalf of athletes within the system. Please email them to me at by 23rd June pls.
Awards: Certificates to each member of the first three teams in each age group based on sum of times and to the fastest three registered athletes in each age group. Best 3 age-graded performances to receive a special prize of the book “Chasing Gold”, published by the British Olympic Association in 2005.
Finally, thanks again for your support of the BMAF and MacMillan Nurses, and good luck with your runs! We would very much like to receive your feedback on the event and any personal stories with photos you may have or you can post them on the BMAF Facebook page. We can then publish some of them on our website and share them with MacMillan Nurses as an inspiration to others.
Russell McIntyre
BMAF Virtual Race Secretary