Suggested Virtual Training Session 11th June – Mark Stephenson

This training session done properly is harder than it might first appear. Again these sessions are set to complement your aerobic longer slower runs not replace them.

It comprises 8 times 600 metre reps at a fast (mile) pace with a slow jog recovery between each fast rep.

The final 200 metres of the 600m set is challenging but keep the pace quicker than your normal 5K pace. Enjoy the recovery taking a 1 to 1 work – recovery ratio. For example, if you take 2.5 minutes to run the 600 take a 2.5 minute slow jog recovery.

I would recommend that you run to a landmark which is approximately 600m away rather than looking at your watch to calculate how far you have run. You may wish to determine the distance at home before you start using google maps – right hand click: measure distance.

Take care at all times, follow guide lines and do not cross any roads during the work intervals.

Mark Stephenson