BMAF 5k Virtual Road Relays – National Event

Full Results
Results In Time Order National 2020_BMAF_5k_Virtual_Relays
A super set of results for A80 in the BMAF 5k Virtual Relays which is a National Competition, as the standard was very high. A great turnout from our club which allowed our members to not only pit themselves against National standards but also against their club mates.
Many thanks go to Dani Tarleton for making sure everything went smoothly on the entry and results front despite some frustarting issues with Strava, Garmin etc.
Now for the top news Arena Women were 3rd in the W55-W64 category with scorers being Caroline Wood, Jenny Hughes and Nicky Yeates. They were also 4th in the W45-W54 with scoreers being Tara Shanahan, Dani Tarleton and Katherine O’Hara.
In the individual competiton on the podium:
W65 3rd Chris Naylor – Fantastic individual achievement indeed.
In the W55 category 4th Caroline Wood a superb effort against National Competition.
Even though not an head to head competition and run over different times and routes it allowed for club engagement and a sense of purpose to all the training. Hopefully it’s a kick start to more competition and an urgency to maintain pre lockdown form.

Name Category Performance
Tara Shanahan W50 19:02
Dani Tarleton W45 19:04
Juliette Roberts W40 19:51
Caroline Wood W55 20:07
Katie Wright W35 20:18
Rebecca Knights W40 20:22
Katherine O’Hara W45 20:27
Rachel Burgess W45 21:04
Jenny Hughes W55 21:59
Kirsty Pugh W45 22:09
kirsty Parker W45 22:09
Nicky Yeates W60 22:20
Mary Henderson W35 22:23
Gemma Sharp W35 22:43
Chris Naylor W65 22:50
Anne Miners W60 23:43
Yvonne Patrick W60 25:15:00
Joe Ashley M40 16:38
Del Wallace M50 17:24
Michael Rix
Paul Arscott
Dan Vaughan M45 18:31
Luke Carter M35 18:34
Kevin Meegan M45 18:44
Jim Watson M45 18:48
Dan King M45 18:49
Sam Bennett M45 18:58
Gareth Williams M35 19:01
Neil Fulkes M45 19:39
Richard James M50 19:49
Julian Hollingdale M50 19:56
Paul Gasson M65 20:14
Trevor Day M55 20:18
Mark Sallis M40 20:29
Ben Wilson M35 20:39
Stuart Brown M60 20:46
David Kemp M60 21:13
John Wright M55 21:19
John Thompson M55 21:31
Michael Miller M60 22:34
Nigel Sarjudeen M55 22:41
Shawn Buck M60 22:59
Marc Bonaldi M55 24:04:00