Weekly Session and Withdean News

Training Session

A slightly different one this week : Lactic Threshold with some VO2 max.

The session is in two parts. First run 20 minutes at your normal tempo pace (just about comfortable). Then 3 or 4 intervals of 800 ish metres at 3K pace (i.e. just faster than your parkrun/5k pace). In between each interval, take a slow jog recovery for the same time period as your 800m interval. So if it takes you 3 minutes to run ,then take a 3 minute slow jog recovery. The recovery is as important as the intervals to do the 800m justice.

Mark Stephenson


The club is working with Brighton Phoenix and Brighton & Hove City AC to see if our 3 clubs can manage the track for Freedom Leisure whilst they are closed. Contact has been made with various parties and it all depends on their thoughts and requirements. We have muted some ideas of how it might work but detail not possible until we know outcome of these discussions. However we are discussing as one voice and all committed to making it happen.

We have also looked at other ideas if Withdean imminent return isn’t possible, fingers crossed some good news will come out of the discussions.


Caroline Wood – Withdean Liaison

Bob Page