Arenatopia 2 mile results/ overall standings

Results are all now in for the 4th round in the parkrun/ virtual Arenatopia series. Hopefully this will be the only iteration this time!
Timmy was fastest for the gents with 10:00 minutes exactly.
Tara and Danishared the honours for the women with 11:51. On the age grading front,
Michaelwas top scorer with with 81% and club president Chrisproving she still has sub 3 in the legs with a whopping 98%.
Overall,Rachel is still at the top for the women, but is now joined there by Chris with both of them on 27 points. For the men Timmy “champions elect” Gedin is clearly starting to wobble and is there for the taking… his second worst score of 1 point and didn’t even get a course record -Steve, better cancel the trophy engraving!! ????
Until the next enlightening round, stay safe y’all ????