David Kemp World Champs Race Walking Exploits

OK the story so far… I was told about the World Masters Virtual Event by Bob Page with the suggestion of doing the racewalk events or some of them. There were 3 – 5K, 10K & 20K. They had various categories of how invigilated they might be. Category C you aren’t in a race, no official timer or officials. I thought it best to have some other presence there in case of quibbling, so Mike & Christine Gibbons did the 5K, a group ran their session whilst I did the 10K and today John Thompson joined me on the 20K – all on Madeira Drive. I checked-out some times of other M60’s and to my surprise I have found myself in the mix at the top end of the groups based on previous times only just behind the Russian #1 at 5K, about 2 mins behind the Italian World #2 at 10K and 3 and a half mins behind the same Italian World #1 at 20K. None of this is official of course as there is a lot of trust involved, but the results are collated after this week-end. The message is if you fancy trying something out, for goodness sake, take the plunge and who knows it might be the event that’s perfect for you.