Arena 80 Hill Champs August 2020

Arena Hill Champs August 2020 -Amended Results
Thank you to all who took part. Fantastic turn out in the tropical weather, complete with thunderstorms. Congratulations to Dani Tarleton and Jim Watson for two great runs. Also to Timmy Gedin, Angie Smy, Trevor Day, Jenny Hughes, Michael Miller and Chris Naylor for coming first in their age categories. Congratulations to everyone else for having a go, there are some really good times below. It’s such a tough course. I do hope I haven’t missed anyone from the results. Please let me know if I have
Jim Watson 49m 45s fastest man and 1st VM40
Timmy Gedin 49m 48s 1ST SM
Andrew Bargery 51m 15s
Tristan Sharp 53m 31s
Chris Keene 55m 46s
Trevor Day 56m 19s 1st VM 50
Andy Clark 57m23s
John Thompson 59m 39s
Michael Miller 60m 17s 1st VM 60
David Kemp 61m 16s
John Orden 61m 22s
Shawn Buck 63m
John Wright 63m
Charlie Hempstead 65m 02s
Bob Page 72m 31s
Richard Bates 86m 33s
Dani Tarleton 50m 56s fastest woman and 1ST VW45
Rachel Burgess 57m 40s
Jenny Hughes 61m 1ST VW55
Nicky Yeates 62m
Chris Naylor 64m 47s 1ST VW 65 C
Angelina Smy 65m 33s 1st VW 35
Sue Brumwell 66m 20s R
Anne Miners 66m 26s R
Jackie Rymell 68m 11s C
Yvonne Patrick 70m 49s
Penny Simpson 72m 19s
Juliet Fine 73m
Sarah Silbertson 83m
R = race pace C = chatting pace