Track Multi Purchase Tickets & Hot Legs 1k Results

Monday’s track session is now available to book on-line. We’ve increased the price of a single track session to £3.20 to cover the 20p transaction charge of our on-line booking system. However we have created the option for you to purchase bundles of track sessions at the old price of £3 each for 5 or £2.90 each for 10. This is better for us because it will reduce our transaction charges. It’s also better for you because if you need to cancel, the session will be refunded to your bundle with no charge to you. There is no expiry date on the bundles. All prices and bundle options may be reviewed as we figure out how much the new restrictions are affecting our income. And here’s a reminder of where to book
Each week the number of places available will be down to the number of coaches willing to give up their time to attend. Thankfully we currently have a super group of individuals willing to do this.
A80 Hot Legs 1k
Quite a few of you I notice have completed your 1k’s with some incredibly fast times over rather steep terrain. Don’t forget only those efforts sent to with evidence will count, so send them in. Closing date is this Sunday.