Arena 80 Hot Legs 1k

Well that was a better response than I thought, a fabulous total of 40 of our athletes submitted results correctly by the deadline.
A huge variation in normal expectations of times due to clever terrain used.
A huge well done to everybody who took part and congratulations go to Timmy Gedin and Tara Shanahan for being the fastest HOT LEGS over 1k this year.
As far as I could tell the winner of the biggest drop in height was Sherpa Sharp from his holiday in Nepal 114m.
Timmy Gedin 2.32
Tris Sharp     2.55
Adam Brown     3.02
Jim Watson     3.02
Dan Vaughan    3.06
Andrew Bargery 3.09
Andy Clark     3.10
Tara Shanahan  3.11
Rob Derkin     3.14
John Thompson 3.16
Eddie Warden    3.16
Lorraine Hale  3.16
Michael Rix    3.18
Daniel King    3.19
Shawn Buck     3.19
Ben Wilson     3.19
Angelina Smy   3.19
Isobel Muir    3.22
Jenny Hughes   3.23
Rachel Burgess 3.23
David Kemp     3.25
Kirsty Pugh    3.26
Michael Miller 3.30
John Wright    3.31
Neal Udeen     3.32
Sue Brumwell   3.32
Kevin Lowe     3.34
Rebecca Knights 3.34
Yvonne Patrick 3.38
Anne Miners     3.39
John Orden      3.43
Trevor Day      3.46
Helen Block     3.48
Catherine Warden 3.48
Penny Simpson  3.51
Juliette Fine    3.58
Nigel Sarjudeen  3.59
Chris Naylor     4.10
Stephen Knott    4.19
Richard Bates    5.38