Arenatopia Virtual Series – 5th round – Beacon Race (6k)

The Arennatopia series resumes, but this time with a real course as it will be merged with the annual club Beacon 6k Race.
For those new to this race it is a 6km out and back club race along the prom. It starts at the Beacon by Hove Lagoon heading East towards Brighton on the promenade, loop around the Peace Statue at end of lawns and make your way back to the finish line back at the Beacon. Please do consider other people on the prom as it can be rather intimidating for some to have a bunch of runners coming towards them, especially on some of the narrower bits.

Feel free to run with other people but this must be a maximum of 6 people.
The race is now open, attempts can be submitted from now and entries close/ must be submitted no later than 23.59pm on Wednesday 23rd September (further details on the rules below)
3 Ways To Score

  1. Scoring system shall be similar to before for the Beacon 6k with fastest getting 1 point, decreasing to maximum of 25. Bonus point also available for beating the course record.
  2. The person who beats their predicted time, set by our resident handicapper, by most will get 1 point, again decreasing to a maximum of 25.
  3. Your run time will also be age graded. Best gets 1 point and so on.

Separate event for men and women.
As is customary with these types of virtual runs now, as we can’t be there at the time of your respective runs you will need to submit a screenshot of your run by sending one of the following to only. The following is a list of examples of screenshots that need to submitted with your name, distance, time and age group.

  • Strava
  • Garmin or other type of smart watch data
  • Any other running app that can provide the same type of data
  • A photo of a watch provided it displays the time and distance

For those that don’t have one of these, I suggest downloading Strava to your phone and tracking with your run with that by setting up a free account – you can even then join the Arena Strava group!
The rules:

  • Beacon course 6km – starting at the Beacon at Hove Lagoon, out and back to the Peace Statue, finishing back at the Beacon at Hove Lagoon. We know the distance!!
  • Has to be the Beacon course only. i.e. can’t be part of a bigger run
  • Run in groups no bigger than 6 people
  • Need Strava or Garmin etc evidence
  • Send in a screenshot
  • Starts now with all entries submitted by 23.59 on Wednesday 23rd September

Scoring/ further info:

  • All scores will be valid to count towards the current parkrun/ Arenatopia virtual series
    • There will be three opportunities to score, run time, age grade and predicted time. There will be a maximum of 25 points for the best in each category.
  • 100 points will now be given to those that do not participate at all (This is an increase on the previous 75 in light of 3 ways you can score)
  • Bonus points also given for:
    • New course record

Course records are:
19.48 – Timmy Gedin
21.41 – Caroline Hoyte

  • You can try as many times as you like during the challenge window but only your latest submitted scoring run will count
  • There is no longer a minimum number of runs to participate in order to score. I.e. anyone can take part and potentially win overall even if they haven’t run one yet
    • Your top 5 highest scores across the series will count

Finally, once the submission date has passed, I’ll probably need a further week to figure it all out so please bear with me!
Good luck!