Arenatopia Beacon 6km & Handicap Results/ overall standings

Results are all now in for the latest round in the virtual Arenatopia series. This time incorporating the ever popular handicap and Beacon race all in one – what a whopper!!

Timmy once again stormed through as winner amongst the men with a time of 20.18. Dani taking the honours for the women with 23.41.

Age grading wise, Chris destroyed the competition with a near world record beating 27.49 which scored her 96.3%! For the men, John Orden pipped Mr Gasson to the post 82.67% vs 81.98%… a fascinating rivalry for many years to come… hopefully…

Overall series points wise, Timmy is but a speck in the distance for the plethora of those now competing for podium places. Similarly Rachel continues to hold her spot at the top for the women but both Chris and Jenny look keen to knock her off her pedestal.

In terms of the handicap, coach Bob spent months fine tuning his play book to predict our finish times and guess what… in lockdown we’ve all got a little slower than we were a few years ago. Noteworthy exceptions were Dan King (the mens handicap winner), Jenny Hughes (womens handicap winner), Rachel Burgess and John Wright.

Three more rounds for this years series and the winners are crowned. Remember, it’s your top 5 scores that count so worth having a pop still even if you’ve only done a couple so far. The next round will be the in the next few weeks, and it will be a real humdinger!

Well done all – until next time/ or someone spots I’ve made an endless list of howling errors…

Luv U All Tris xxx