Arenatopia virtual series – 7th round – 30 minutes

Arenatopia virtual series – 7th round – 30 minutes
For the penultimate round of the Arenatopia virtual series you will need to run exactly 30 minutes and submit the distance you managed to achieve over this time.
This round is based on the “Weekly30 Run Challenge” organised by England Athletics. It is not linked to it, but no harm in entering and contributing towards the team competition if you like… it is not a prerequisite for the Arenatopia round however.
You have a couple of weeks to have a crack and like the previous rounds you have two opportunities to score; position (furthest distance run) and age grading based on your distance.
As with the previous Arenatopia rounds, the rules will follow current government guidelines on social distancing and running with other people outside of your household etc, so these must be adhered to. Further rules and guidelines still need to be followed and are described below.
As is customary with these types of virtual runs now, as we can’t be there at the time of your respective runs you will need to submit a screenshot of your run by sending one of the following to . The following is a list of examples of screenshots that need to submitted with your name, distance, time, age group and final kilometre elevation (if you wish to participate in that bonus point):

  • Strava
  • Garmin or other type of smart watch data
  • Any other running app that can provide the same type of data
  • A photo of a watch provided it displays the time and distance

For those that don’t have one of these, I suggest downloading Strava to your phone and tracking with your run with that by setting up a free account – you can even then join the Arena Strava group!
The rules:

  • Distance is as far as you can run in exactly 30 minutes
    • The onus is on you to stop your watch at the right time, a couple of seconds here and there is fine but anything more that relies on you/ me guessing what it may have been then I’m afraid won’t count and you will just have to try again
  • Has to be a single run, i.e. can’t be part of a longer run
  • Need strava or Garmin as evidence
  • Send me a screenshot
  • Starts now with all entries submitted by 23.59 Sunday 29th November
  • Current social distancing rules apply

Scoring/ further info:

  • Position will be based on furthest distance run in 30 minutes
  • Age grade score is based on the oldest age in your respective category
    • e. if you are 46 you fall into the 45-49 category where all those in this age category are then calculated as 49 year old
  • Include your age when submitting your entry or your time will not count towards the age grading score and you receive the lowest score
  • Both position and age grading so 2 opportunities to score (therefore each has a maximum of 25 points)
    • Non participants will now score 75
  • You can try as many times as you like but can only submit one scoring run

Finally, once the submission date has passed, I’ll probably need a further week to figure it all out so please bear with me!
Good luck!