Arenatopia 30min Challenge Results

Slight amendment to the women’s Arenatopia results. No change to the mens.
In the interest of transparency, a little explanation…
Sometimes I receive entries as a Strava ‘card’ (an example attached) which rather annoying only shows one decimal place and therefore rounds the distance down. i.e. if you run 5.88km, it only displays 5.8km which I then enter as 5.80km, incorrectly as it turns out.
Having reviewed the entries I can see this has happened with 3 people.
Bob Page

– it made no difference to the scores, so I haven’t made any changes to the tables

Chris Naylor

– minor change to score and position but didn’t change anyone elses score as a result

Jenny Hughes

– minor change to score and position with

Nicky Yeates
Soz. Merry Christmas and wotnot.