Arenatopia virtual series – Final round – Hove Park parkrun

Arenatopia virtual series – Final round – Hove Park parkrun
For the final round of the inaugural Arenatopia virtual series we see ourselves taking to the streets and tackling an existing physical course!!! As is tradition amongst Arenatopians, we shall be running our final festive event at the Hove Park parkrun course (course here for those not so familiar with it: )
As is normally tradition too, this shall only be scored by age grading only. This also balances out the fact that the first event at Bevendean (remember that?? Physical presence, group photo… such madness!) was scored for position only.
Entries shall open from Saturday 12th December all the way through to 23.59 on Sunday 27th December. I shall then endeavour to announce the final standings on a New Years Eve special.
By all means run (or even race!) with others within government guidelines as well as following parkrun guidance in respect of other park users.
I’m sure you’re all very familiar with the format and rules by now, but just in case…
As is customary with these types of virtual runs now, as we can’t be there at the time of your respective runs you will need to submit a screenshot of your run by sending one of the following to . The following is a list of examples of screenshots that need to submitted with your name, distance, time, age group and final kilometre elevation (if you wish to participate in that bonus point):

  • Strava
  • Garmin or other type of smart watch data
  • Any other running app that can provide the same type of data
  • A photo of a watch provided it displays the time and distance

For those that don’t have one of these, I suggest downloading Strava to your phone and tracking with your run with that by setting up a free account – you can even then join the Arena Strava group!
The rules:

  • Distance is 5km and you must run the Hove Park parkrun course (link above)
  • Has to be a single run, i.e. can’t be part of a longer run
  • Need strava or Garmin as evidence
  • Send me a screenshot
  • Starts Saturday 12th December and closes at 23.59 on Sunday 27th December
  • Current social distancing rules apply

Scoring/ further info:

  • Age grading score only for this round
  • Age grade score is based on the oldest age in your respective category
    • e. if you are 46 you fall into the 45-49 category where all those in this age category are then calculated as 49 year old
  • Include your age when submitting your entry or your time will not count towards the age grading score and you receive the lowest score
    • Non participants will now score 50
  • You can try as many times as you like but can only submit one scoring run

Final standings shall be announced on New Years Eve (hopefully), in a jubilant celebration of virtual running!
Good luck!