2021 Arenatopia

It’s nearly that time again… but before I start spamming with all things Arenatopia fun, I just need to get the boring old rules bit out of the way first, soz… ????

The first round will be kicking off soon, so don’t worry I won’t be rehashing this every time…

Slight amendments to rules/ scoring system for the 2021 series:

  • Starting in the next week or two there will between 6 – 8 rounds this year (TBC)

  • It will continue to follow virtual/ random approach, but I will re-assess if and when parkrun shows signs of returning

  • All rounds will at the very least be scored using both age and position (i.e. two methods), therefore the standard non-participant score will be 75 points

    • The maximum score for each method is 25 points, this is the same as last year (i.e. even if you run and come last in both methods, you’ll still score a maximum of only 50 points)

  • Your overall score will be calculated from your 5 best scores, however (and this bit varies from last year) you do not need to do 5 runs to qualify. i.e. if you score amazingly in 4 rounds, and a 75 non participation score is enough to get you 1st place overall… then you’re the champion

  • For those that do participate in every round, you will receive a bonus -10 score at the end (PS I will definitely not be doing a round in August so crack on with those local summer plans)

  • Also, for those who score the lowest 3 scores across all rounds at the end, you will also receive -3, -2 and -1 bonus points at the end

    • Basically worth participating until the bitter end, as it can all change at the last minute. At no point shall I be stopping the count early!

  • Little side note for the handful of those who try this (you know who you are ????), please don’t submit your entries then ask me to adjust it because you stopped your watch a few seconds later. If you do this… oh well ????‍♂️

Submitting your runs: ✅

A reminder that your run needs to take place and be submitted by the closing date/ time to

As a backup I also accept entries directly to my own email, whatsapp message (if you have these already) or on Strava, but you must tag me.

DO NOT: ⛔️

Use Facebook or Facebook messenger to send it to me. I rarely look at these anymore so cannot guarantee I will see it, even if you tag me – in all likelihood I won’t. Safest way to ensure your run is counted is to email as this will also provide an audit trail.

Finally, a reminder that this series exists purely because of the situation we all currently find ourselves in so the most important rules that must be followed are the current Covid government rules – these must be followed.

Happy running! ????