Preston Park Velodrome Update

Hello fellow athletes!
As fellow users of Preston Park (and a fair few runners among us) we know that some people like to use the velodrome for their running fix.
So I thought I’d let everyone know that the regular cycle events at the velodrome are due to start in the next couple of weeks so it will not be available at certain times.
There is a calendar on our website (link below) but generally speaking April 7th on to mid August the velodrome is in use Wednesday and Friday evenings from 6pm. It’s worth checking the calendar though as we do not use it every Friday. Also we cannot race on Wednesdays if the track is wet or very damp so in those cases it will probably be available too.
So enjoy, and on the event of a wet Wednesday you might find some of us coming over for a run instead!
P.S. Preston Park Youth cycle club are also re-starting their Saturday morning sessions next week I believe which are from 9am to midday.