Arenatopia series 2021 – Round 3 – 2,000m of laps

Arenatopia series 2021 – Round 3 – 2,000m of laps
The third round of the series marks what would normally be the start of a glorious summer of track events (and long jump), so to acknowledge this the challenge shall be a lapped effort.
This will probably need you to do a bit of homework beforehand with your favourite GPS mapping app, or spreading out an Ordnance Survey map across the living room floor… whatever takes your fancy really.
The details/ rules:
  • 2,000m
  • The distance must be run over a minimum of a 2 lapped course
  • More laps of a shorter distance is fine as long as you do at least 2
  • Start and finish must be in the same location and needs to be part of your lapped course
  • I.e. your effort shouldn’t include running to your course from your home, then do a few laps, then run home etc..
Important note: Although this is a lapped effort, this will not form any part of a Monday night track session. What the coaches organise is entirely separate from this so please don’t attempt this during or after the usual session and follow all the usual guidelines.
As with previous rounds, you’ll be scored on both distance and respective age grading for your distance, so please remember to let me know your age category, especially those who have had a significant birthday since last time.
That’s pretty much it – you just need to run this between Monday 3rd May and 23.59 on Sunday 16th May.
Make sure you submit it on time to be counted, all the usual details can be found here:
Good luck!