The Vets Track & Field League

Covid-notwithstanding, the meeting dates are:
Wednesday 19 May – Eastbourne
Monday 14 June – Lewes
Monday 26 July – Lewes (tentative date, but currently unlikely to take place)
I attach the event programme for Eastbourne, which takes place in under two weeks…
These meets are great fun and open to all, no matter your ability. You can even give the field events a go, if you fancy adding the high-jump or javelin to your Power of 10!
I took over from the long-serving and wonderful Graham early last year but then there was – err – a global pandemic.
All being well – the league shall happen this year though, albeit slightly curtailed. (And with various Covid-protocols in place – TBA.)
If you wish to compete at Eastbourne, please let me know ASAP (and certainly by FRIDAY 14 MAY) with your age and chosen events.
I’m not on Facebook, so you need to email me via:
Look forward to hearing from you all…
Sam Bennett
PS. It’s possible that numbers of non-scorers will be limited due to Covid-protocols. Should this happen, I’ll endeavour to come up with a fair way to ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to compete.