How To Perform CPR and Use a defib/AED – Training Video

Hi Guys, hope you are all well and haven’t melted in this heat!
Given the recent tragic event at a Phoenix , I implore you all to spend approx 22.5mins watching the first 3 videos on this BHF website about how to perform CPR and use a defib/AED…/how-to-do-cpr/cpr-training-videos
With events restarting and larger groups training together again this is a life skill that everyone needs to know, but hopefully will never have to use.
If any questions, concerns or queries arise from these videos please do ask, and once safe to do so I will see if there is interest in more face-to-face training (should explain I’m a Paramedic ???? so have some knowledge and experience in such things)
Stay safe ????
Lucy Anderson