The Arena 80 charity Vote

We will be donating £600 from the ‘2023 Hove Prom 10k’ profits to a charity chosen by Arena members. Please review the charities and vote using the new voting process described below.

Voting closes on March 6th and the winning charity will be announced in the Newsletter on March 11th.

The 5 charities are:

Hove Surf Lifesaving Club

Established to save lives and prevent drowning, the club provides education and training in all areas relating to lifesaving, rescue and resuscitation for the benefit of the public in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas.

I vote for Hove Surf Lifesaving club because it is a fantastic club that will contribute to keeping our community safe. Training a generation of future lifeguards. It also encourages a healthy and active lifestyle for children aged 8-14.

Make Change Count

This combined fundraising campaign provides much needed funds to local charities who support and prevent homelessness. It facilitates the help that is needed to give a homeless person the best chance to get off the streets and into safety.

Supporting homeless people in Brighton & Hove

Make Change Count is the city’s combined fundraising campaign that provides much needed funds to local charities who support and prevent homelessness. It has been running since 2016 and is supported by Brighton & Hove City Council and Sussex Police

The most effective use of your money

Every penny donated to the campaign goes directly to people in need – no funds raised are used by any of the charities for administration. Contributions are used to provide food, access to shower facilities, healthcare, clothing and a wide range of practical help, based on individual needs

Make Change Count does three things:

  • It offers a great alternative for people who want to give change to people who are rough sleeping, but recognise that their money can do more.
  • It facilitates the help that is needed to give a homeless person the best chance to get off the streets and into safety.
  • It supports vital charities in the city who work together to provide effective support.
  • The charities involved in Make Change Count include:

For adults

  • Antifreeze – Off the Fence’s afternoon and evening outreach and day centre
  • BHT Sussex – day centre, residential rehabilitation, mental health services, specialist housing & legal services and learning and training initiatives
  • Equinox – women’s only high support accommodation
  • YMCA Brighton – advice, support, guidance, accommodation, training and education for adults and young people

For young people

  • Sussex Nightstop – short-term accommodation in welcoming homes
  • The Clock Tower Sanctuary – Brighton’s only day centre for 16 to 25 year olds
  • YMCA Downslink Group – advice, support, guidance and accommodation
Martlets Hospice

A local charity providing essential care to people affected by terminal illness in Brighton and Hove, and surrounding areas. Their expert teams provide the very best care and support, helping patients and their loved ones to live life to the full during the precious time they have together.

I’d like to nominate Martlets Hospice. Martlets are a local charity, albeit well-known and not insignificant in size.

They provide amazing care for those who are in the last days, weeks and months of their lives. This is incredibly important and caring work, both for the person who’s dying – and their loved ones.
Martlets not only provide residential care in someone’s last days, but also provide care and support at home in the weeks and months before these final moments.

Our friend and clubmate, Rachel Burgess, was cared for by Martlets staff at home, until she moved to the hospice itself to spend her final 48hours.

Her family have asked for donations in her memory, and I can think of no more deserving or appropriate charity for this year’s donation.

Old Boat Corner Community Association

Offers an affordable meeting place for local groups and families, plus other organisations and parties. Runs all sorts of events for the community and local groups, has a wonderful outdoor play area for a wide age range.

May I please nominate Old Boat Corner Community Association for our charity grant this year.

It provides a space for local people to meet in the cafe, runs all sorts of events for the community and local groups, has a wonderful outdoor play area for a wide age range (we spent a couple of very happy hours there with our grandsons when they stayed last summer) and the ice creams are very reasonably priced!!

It is an invaluable warm and friendly asset for a the local community.

Pedal People (received 3 nominations!)

Piloted cycle rides for local elders and people living with disability or health challenges.
Passengers travel 5-25Km around their city through green spaces and by the sea. Participants spirits visibly lift. For over 80% of participants it is their ONLY outdoor activity.

Nomination 1

I’d like to nominate Pedal People to benefit from the Hove Prom charity donation.

They’re a small local charity who provide accessible cycle rides to both individuals of all ages (& their co-riders who they train up) and elder care rides to allow people who live in care homes to experience the joys of the outdoors and the benefits of exercise.

As some members may know, my son Jack (who used to be a club member and attend track sessions) has been battling a spinal cord tumour for the past three years and is now paraplegic. We’ve both enjoyed taking the pedal people tandem bikes out for rides on the seafront, it gives us exercise, a bonding opportunity and sense of well-being.

The money that Pedal People raises subsidises the costs of the rides and the upkeep of the cycles. This is their website which tells you a bit more about the work they do HOME — Pedal People.

I think that this would be an ideal charity to benefit, as it is local to Brighton, promotes the benefits of exercise, and through myself (& Jack) there is a personal connection.

Thanks in advance for your consideration,

Nomination 2

I would like to nominate the charity Pedal People for Arena’s 2024 charity.

Pedal People is a small, independent Brighton-based charity that offers the opportunity for those unable to access the outdoors, and in particular the seafront, the opportunity to do so using highly specialised accessible bikes and trishaws. It offers both an ‘Elder Care Ride Service’ and an ‘All-Ages Ride Service’ for elders or anyone of any age living with a health challenge or disability. The Elder Care ride service is run by experienced volunteer “pilots” who pick passengers up from care homes near to the seafront and take them for a ride to experience that “wind in the hair” feeling of wellbeing, and to feel part of the local community. The charity operates its services all year round and provides a truly magical and uplifting service for it’s users. At least two Arena members are volunteer pilots (me being one). Further information about Pedal People can be found at:

Nomination 3

I would like to nominate a small, local Brighton Charity-PedalPeople. 

There are two operations to this charity…one is the rides out on Trishaws for elders  living in Hove care homes, & a hospital for adults suffering with mental health issues. The other, accessible cycles for people who may otherwise struggle to access a standard bike for varying reasons, giving them the opportunity to ride out with family & friends.

It is run by only 3 paid staff members & a great team of volunteers cycle ‘pilots’ 

 Some years back I was a volunteer cycle pilot with the team based in Hove. I had the privilege of  having 1st hand experience of what a positive impact the rides out for the care home residents had on them. Most elders were  suffering with dementia, many of them never getting any other opportunity to venture outdoors. This ‘wind in hair’ ride would be their chance to be within the community, exploring the  seafront & local green spaces. I saw  how not only was it a positive experience for both passenger & volunteer pilot. It also benefitted those that cared for them, visiting relatives & the local community who loved seeing them having a wonderful time. 

I later went on to work for the charity. Gaining a deeper understanding of the  benefits to both elders but also some of our younger community members recovering from accidents, life limiting injuries & other physical limiting conditions. I got to see how this physical exercise put family & friends on a level playing field. That an hour on the cycle could allow them to gain both strength & confidence & have a huge impact on recovery. 

I also gained an insight into the constant difficulties faced funding these small local charities. Once you recognise the importance of the service you are providing, the responsibility of continuing to provide this puts enormous stress on a small team. I know that every donation no matter how small, goes directly into facilitating rides for our often overlooked members of society, to be once again a participant within it. 

As athletes & members of the team that is Arena80, we all recognise the importance of exercise & the great outdoors & its impact on our mental health. We are a privileged group that has the luxury of good health. We also recognise how fragile this can be. Having an amazing charity on our doorstep that looks out for those less fortunate is another such privilege we must  maintain. 

Many thanks for giving this charity some thought.

You can pick 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 charities. Please put them in order of preference, with your favourite charity first.

Only select a charity once (multiple selections for the same charity will be ignored). 5 points are allocated to the first choice, 4 to the second and so on. Please note – you do not have to vote for more than one charity. The charity donation will go to the charity that gets most points.