When entering races, members of the club are expected to abide by all of the rules and regulations of those races.
Such rules may – for example – relate to usage (or prohibition) of headphones, timings of road closures, cut-off times, and transferability (or not) of race numbers.
With regard to race numbers, members must not transfer their number to another runner or run with someone else’s number without the prior consent of the race organiser.
If no consent is given and a member uses someone else’s number or gives their number to another runner to use:

  • The race organiser will not have the correct emergency contact and medical conditions information for the runner, which is potentially dangerous
  • Public liability insurance for the event may not cover the runner should he / she be involved in an incident
  • The time and position of the registered runner will be invalid and may unfairly affect other legitimate runners regarding finishing positions / prizes / age-group awards
  • The registered runner – having obtained a time achieved by someone else’s efforts – might then fraudulently use that time (recorded on Power of 10 etc) to qualify for major events such as London Marathon.

Please do not bring yourself AND THE CLUB into disrepute.