Track Safety/Etiquette

Withdean Stadium track safety rules 

It is important for you and other athlete’s safety to adhere to the following rules when using the track at Withdean Stadium.

  1. Due to sprinters using the track, lane 1 should ONLY ever be used for undertaking when clear to do so. Please do not use this lane during our normal training sessions unless the coaches advise you its safe to do so during the evening.
  2. Always be aware of who is around you on the track. There are some very fast sprinters that also use the track on a Monday, so anytime you are training listen out for people shouting ‘TRACK’. If you hear this you need to move quickly into the next right hand lane.
  3. Never congregate near the finish line during the sessions, always leave this area of the track clear unless you are in a track session.
  4. When you’re finishing a set, don’t cut over to the inner lanes as other athletes may still be completing their sets and will still be using the inner lanes. When finishing your set move over to the right hand side and keep the inner lanes clear.
  5. If you are on a slow jog/walk recovery then please move out to lanes 4/5.
  6. If you are about to start your next set after a recovery then please do so only if it’s safe to do so. Other athletes may still be running their set and we don’t want anyone stepping out in front of them.
  7. When warming down, please be aware of other athletes who are still finishing their sets off. Please be courteous to them by warming down in the outside lanes only.
  8. Never walk across the throwing area on the inner fields, always walk behind the direction the athletes are throwing.
  9. Always follow the instructions of your coach.

What do we expect from you?

  1. Arrive on time to start the warm up at track or warmed up and ready to go for other non-track sessions.
  2. Track fees to be paid on Monday sessions.
  3. Let the coaches know if you have any injury or illness that might affect your training session.
  4. Know the track safety rules (as above) and stick to them.
  5. When the coach is explaining something please listen and make sure you know what you have to do.
  6. The harder you work the more you will get out of each session.
  7. Don’t do anything that might cause possible danger to others.
  8. Please respect all other athletes, coaches as well as the public when participating in public spaces.
  9. Remember to thank all those at Arena 80 ac that give up their time to: coach, all team captains, organise club race events. Without them it wouldn’t be the club that it is.
  10. Most importantly the sessions should be fun.