Women required for Sussex Road Race Relays at Christ’s hospital

A message from our women’s road race captain Tara Shanahan

Women of Arena, After a phenomenally successful XC season for us our next chance to shine on the county stage is the Sussex Road Race Relays at Christ’s hospital on 7th April. This is a great fun event of just 2 miles on a beautiful course run in a relay of teams of 3. Last year we did very well and walked away with many Sussex medals both individually and as a team and we will be looking to replicate that success this year.

The real success of last year’s event came in how many blue vests turned up to race on the day with a fantastic turn out of 29 Arena Women. The event is suitable for all abilities and it really is a great day out for the club with lots of socialising and cake eating. Please let me know if you are interested in attending this year and I will allocate you a team suitable for your age group and standard. Lift shares can also be arranged.

Get to know…Katie Wright

For this week’s chosen member we are joined to a fairly new member of the team in the form of Katie Wright. If you get down to track early on a Monday night then you will normally see a lone figure doing reps around the track, this would normally be Katie making the most of being child free and doing what she enjoys best – just running. The first thing that strikes you about Katie is her very warm smile and her bubbly nature and, until I read the below, her good sense of humour. Katie has been a fine asset to the women’s team and has participated in many of the club races since joining Arena. Now please enjoy this week’s Q&A’s as much as i did with Katie Wright…take it away Katie.

Name: Katie Wright 

1. When and why did you join Arena:
September 2017. I’m friends with Katherine and she really encouraged me to join. I’ve done circuits with Dani for years and stalked Tara on Strava, so I knew it was a good team to join – not only in standard but also good people. 

2. How long have you been running:
Since I was 12. I was a swimmer. But I heard about the English School Athletics Championships and naively announced to my PE teacher that I was going to compete in it. He explained that you had to be selected and it was quite an ambitious expectation for someone who didn’t actually compete in athletics. I joined an athletics club. Qualified in the 100m but asked if I could do the 200m instead. Amazingly – the selectors said yes, and I went off to Sheffield and came 18th out of 19! I came 9th a few years later in Exeter but wasn’t allowed to take part in the flag parade because someone told the team manager that I’d been kissing a boy after lights out. (It was one kiss – kiss of death – he went from English schools champ to getting knocked out in the heats!) (I didn’t tell my husband I was including that story – sorry Ben) (it wasn’t him BTW – awkward!).

3. Where did you grow up:
I was born in Guildford, but as my Dads a Civil Engineer and it was the 80’s we moved around allot! I spent almost all of my school years in a tiny Northamptonshire village, just outside a tiny town called Oundle. It’s very pretty. 

4. What is something you want to do in the next five years:
I’ve done most things I’ve wanted to do – became a wife, a mum, and run a marathon. Perhaps I’d just like to do all those things a little better. In different locations. 

5. What do you think was the most important invention in the last 100 years:
Ummmmm, I don’t know! Maybe speed golf??? As actual golf takes far too long! Is that an invention? Let’s move on. 

6. You have charge of the TV remote, what are you watching:
I have charge??? What not the kids??? Not Ben?? How late is it??? Isn’t there not something else that needs doing?? Wow, this doesn’t happen often…… if only I was actually able to sit still long enough to watch something. Something really, really trashy, so I can mess about on my phone at the same time, and read a magazine! 

7. What would your epitaph say:
So being dyslexic I had to copy and paste “epitaph” in to google and it told me – it’s an inscription on a tombstone. I then had to google “inscription” and it’s told me that it was a “thing inscribed, as on a monument or in a book” So I googled “inscribed” I’ve now forgotten the question! 

8. What do you think about the most:
Running – followed closely by “when does coffee time become wine time?”.

9. Tell us about something you’re proud to have achieved at any time in your life:
Becoming a mum. My kids are amazing. They are intense, hyperactive, crazy humans that never keep still or stop talking! They have me as their mum – poor little things. 

10. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up:
Running followed closely by coffee and wine! 

11. What’s something that you aren’t:
Short of words. I just can’t spell many long ones. So I guess I’m not short of short words. 

12. What is your one weakness:
Weakness?? I’m struggling….. is not being able to identify one weakness a weakness?? I’m not great with numbers (being dyslexic) so find kilometres and miles very confusing…. so trying to work out how fast I need to run each KM / mile for a marathon has taken up a huge amount of time and I’m still confused! 

13. What do you miss from your childhood:
Sleeping! I miss sleeping so much. Sometimes I used to sleep until lunchtime if I felt like it! Lunchtime! 

14. What music are you listening to right now:
Mainly Moana on repeat. Although Teddy (he’s 2) got very good at “Jingle Bells” over the Christmas period. Just “Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bellllllllllls” 

15. Tell us something we don’t know about you:
there’s probably not much I’ve not told you already – if you’ve been in ear range! I’m not very good at keeping anything to myself – before I’ve even thought it I’ve said it. I haven’t learnt how to think before I speak. I also talk more when I’m nervous. Which is quite often because I’m often worrying that I haven’t actually got anything interesting to say! 

16. Who is your sporting hero:
my brother, he’s just one of those people who has ultimate confidence in himself and his abilities and therefore always achieves his ambitions. 

17. You have a day to yourself, what will you do:
get up early and run then get back in to bed and sleep till lunchtime. 

18. Apart from running what else do you like to do in your free time:
I do a lot of Mum-ing. And a tiny bit of Wife-ing. I’d like to do more Wife-ing. But mum-ing and running are quite time-consuming! 

19. Last gig you went to:
Wow! It would have been before I had children! I saw Tom Jones once! Actual Tom Jones. Not on the TV Tom Jones. 

20. If you could do anything you like what would you do:
I’d like to run / hike the Pacific Crest trail from Mexico to Canada. I know it’s meant to be a hike but I know I’d have to run parts too. Me and Ben often talk about what we’d do if we had the time and funds and it’s always something that comes up. Possibly because I bring it up! 

Our biggest thanks to Katie for her Q&A’s this week and we hope that you feel that you have now got to know Katie a little better. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our chosen club member.

Hoyte & Trafford chosen to represent Sussex

It is with great pleasure to announce the inclusion of Caroline Hoyte and Maisie Trafford  as two of the Sussex athletes selected to run in the National Inter Counties XC at Loughborough on March 10. 

After Caroline Hoyte’s masterful display of running at the Sussex Masters XC Championships at Lancing and Maisie Trafford’s superb cross-country season, this was enough to see them chosen for the senior women’s team along with a host of familiar names across the Sussex teams. 

Wonderful news to see these two training partners coming good and everyone here at Arena 80 would all like to share our congratulations to these two and wish them every success at Loughborough.

Caroline Hoyte              Maisie Trafford

Arena social – Komedia, Krater comedy club – Friday March 16th.

Komedia comedy club – Arena social Friday March 16th.

Due to the success of last year’s visit here and member’s requesting to go back, we’ve decided to do it again with our first club social event of the year and what a way to start with a night at the Komedia comedy club in Brighton. A night of guaranteed laughs and with some great company in tow this has all the makings of a top evening’s entertainment.

I have spoken to the venue today (18/02) and although there are still tickets they have advised that we think about booking them very soon as they are now starting to move.

The date: Friday 16th March
Venue: Komedia – Gardner Street, Btn
Show time starts: 8pm (doors open 7pm)rice: 6 or more £13.50 / 15 or more £12.50

Please email me to CONFIRM if you wish to go. Those of you that have confirmed to me on Arena Facebook, I have added you to the list. I will book the tickets on Friday 24th February on my card and then you can pay me once i have booked them. There is no refund if you are not able to attend.

If you wish to go then email: marc.bonaldi@googlemail.com

Race report for the inaugural club parkrun series – Age graded event

The parkrun race report for the first in the club parkrun series – report by Al Silvester

Arena parkrun series: Race 1 – Preston Park

Bit of a long one this guys, so grab your reading glasses, get a mug of tea, sit back and enjoy…

Preston Park was full of the joys of spring on Saturday with near perfect cool, calm and sunny conditions to kick off the inaugural parkrun series. It seems like all of Arena’s stable of athletes had a spring in their step too.

A field of over 60 Arena runner’s turned up to take part in the event so there are encouraging signs the series will prove popular. Either that or people took my Liam Neesonesque threat seriously.

Up the front, it was a fast start with Dixie setting off at a ridiculous pace as part of his training run, so it was surprising that Rich and Timmy remained as close as they did. Once Dixie dropped back it became a two horse race with Timmy pushing Rich all the way round.

Jim Risdale managed to stay pretty much within sight of the front guys and finished in a fantastic third, and then came some big groups of Arenas all very close together. Dixie came jogging through in 4th, shortly followed by Henry, then David Gifford, Emily Proto, Aled, Teo and Dave Robinson.

Overall the event was largely dominated by the club as one would expect with so many of us there. There was some great team work shown today with groups working together, and fantastic that there were 61 registered Arenas finishing.

But lets get in to the nitty gritty and get statistical. Arena had 4 men in the top 10 and 10 in the top 20. Whereas the women had 6 in the top 10 and 9 in the top 20. For the fraction of you out there who love percentage stats, that’s 50% of the top 20 made up by the men and 45% made up by women. Had my wife not forgotten her barcode (she forgot to wear her Arena vest also – unbelievable!) then it would have been an even 10 in the top 20 for both sexes.

Also of note, was that there were 17 PB’s and 6 first timers (see appendix) and Marc Baldini would like it to be known that “The common theme from virtually all of the previous PB’s is that they were all set using an Arena day at this event. This would suggest that not only are our members pushed on by our team mates but there is also a healthy competitive edge which spurs our members to do better.”

However for this race there is only one statistic that matters – your Age Grading. I.e. how quick you are compared to people of a similar age. I’m sure you are all familiar with this metric, but perhaps for the one or two of you who aren’t this is expressed as a percentage.

For the guys Marc Steene of the M55-59 group topped the charts with a cracking 80.86% and time of 19:20 which equals his PB. Well done Marc, a brilliant performance which pops you in to 2nd in the age graded records, but maybe dip for the line next time and chip that second off!

For the ladies, wood you believe it but Caroline Wood gets top spot for her awesome 88.91%, brilliant running as always and means she now sits in 4th spot in the Preston Park age grading records.

In second place it was Richard Clayton (79.17%) and Nicky Yeates (86.97%). As we all know painter Rich is in cracking form at the moment and this PB means his name now decorates top spot in two of the Parkrun club records (Preston Park and Hove Prom) and stops Al Silvester’s name stinking out top spot! This also means he gains a bonus point deduction from his overall series score. Lovely stuff.

Nicky’s time meanwhile doesn’t quite better her fantastic 87.96% 2nd place in the age grading standings for Preston Park, but is a fantastic run nonetheless so congrats Nicky.

In the bronze medal positions it was Timmy Gedin (78.02%) and Tara Shanahan (86.55%) with two great PB runs. Timmy was pushing Rich all the way round the course, finishing a few seconds behind him in 16:32 giving him second place (and also a bonus point deduction for beating the existing record) in the overall men’s Preston Parkrun records. He looks to be bang on form so hopefully something to build on even more over the coming months.

Tara also looks to be running brilliantly and her run puts her in equal 4th place with Maisie Trafford in the women’s Preston Park parkrun records. Amazing stuff Tara.

There was one more bonus deduction point to be awarded, and this one goes to Juliette Roberts who achieved the Preston Park parkrun VW 40-44 record with a time of 19:30 and an age grading of 78.89%. Well done Juliette!

To see how you ranked in the club age grading results for this race, see the charts below:

In terms of the series overall scores, the tables are looking like this:

Women’s series standings:

Position Name Preston park score Bonus point deduction Total
1 Caroline WOOD 1 0 1
2 Nicky YEATES 2 0 2
3 Tara SHANAHAN 3 0 3
4 Jenny HUGHES 4 0 4
5 Emily PROTO 5 0 5
6 Anne MINERS 6 0 6
7 Jackie RYMELL 7 0 7
8 Juliette ROBERTS 8 1 7
9 Louise PAYNE 9 0 9
10 Sue BRUMWELL 10 0 10
11 Yvonne PATRICK 11 0 11
12 Helena ROONEY 12 0 12
13 Helen MOSS 13 0 13
14 Tamar COLEMAN 14 0 14
15 Rachel BURGESS 15 0 15
16 Fiona JAMIE 16 0 16
17 Isobel MUIR 17 0 17
18 Juliet FINE 18 0 18
19 Kate REID 19 0 19
20 Holly FREEMAN 20 0 20
21 Jessica COLEMAN 21 0 21
22 Lucy ANDERSON 22 0 22
23 Julia MASON 23 0 23

Men’s series standings:

Position Name Preston park score Bonus point deduction Total
1 Marc STEENE 1 0 1
2 Richard CLAYTON 2 1 1
3 Timmy GEDIN 3 1 2
4 Jim RISDALE 4 0 4
5 Jim WATSON 5 0 5
6 Dave ROBINSON 6 0 6
7 Craig ISAAC 7 0 7
8 Dan VAUGHAN 8 0 8
9 Henry MILLER 9 0 9
10 Trevor DAY 10 0 10
11 Kevin PRICE 11 0 11
12 Michael MILLER 12 0 12
13 Sam BENNETT 13 0 13
14 Rick A CLARKE 14 0 14
15 Teo VAN WELL 15 0 15
16 James DICKS 16 0 16
17 John THOMPSON 17 0 17
18 David GIFFORD 18 0 18
19 Andrew CLARK 19 0 19
20 Julian HOLLINGDALE 20 0 20
21 Aled ANDERSON 21 0 21
22 Andy PATERSON 22 0 22
23 Jonathan BRITTEN 23 0 23
24 Chris KEENE 24 0 24
25 Malcolm ROWETH 25 0 25
26 Luke CARTER 26 0 26
27 Shawn BUCK 27 0 27
28 David BRINDLEY 28 0 28
29 Neil FULKES 29 0 29
30 Paul KNOTT 30 0 30
31 Justin DOBBS 31 0 31
32 Mark WAVELL 32 0 32
33 Steve WOOD 33 0 33
34 Lee SPENCER 34 0 34
35 Rob FAY 35 0 35
36 Tristan Xavier SHARP 36 0 36
37 John MASON 37 0 37
38 Ross MCLATCHIE 38 0 38

Well done again everybody, brilliant running. The next race in the Parkrun series is the Hove Prom – Apr 28th which will be a position scoring race. Hopefully see you all there!



The new Preston Park parkrun records now read:

Preston Park parkrun Men
1 Richard Clayton 2018 16m 29s
2 Timmy Gedin 2018 16m 32s

3 Alan Silvester 2016 16m 34s
4 Joe Ashley 2016 16m 53s
5 James ‘Dixie’ Dicks 2016 16m 55s

Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 82.90%
2 Marc Steene – 80.86%
3 Paul Arscott – 80.35%
4 Alan Silvester – 80.08%
5 Dan Vaughan – 80.06% 

Preston Park parkrun Women
1 Caroline Hoyte 2017 17m 42s
2 Emily Proto 2014 17m 53s
3 Julie Briggs 2014 18m 01s
4 Maisie Trafford 2017 18m 43s
4 Tara Shanahan 2018 18m 43s

Age grading
1 Chris Naylor- 91.10%
2 Caroline Hoyte – 90.58%
3 Julie Briggs – 89.16%
4 Caroline Wood – 88.91%
5 Nicky Yeates – 87.96%

For all the club records: Here

Here are the names of all of our Arena PB stars:

  • Richard Clayton – 16.29 – previous best 16.45 set in April 2016
  • Timmy Gedin – 16.32 – previous best 16.45 set in November 2016
  • Jim Risdale – 17.14 – previous best 17.26 set in December 217
  • Henry Miller – 17.51 – previous best 18.18 set in April 2016
  • David Gifford – 18.16 – makes it 5 PB’s in a row here
  • Teo Van Well – 18.38 – previous best 19.04 set in April 2016
  • Craig Isaac – 18.41 – 4 PB’s in a row here
  • Tara Shanahan – 18.43 – previous best 19.03 set in April 2017
  • Andy Peterson – 19.21 – previous best 19.36 set in April 2017
  • Helene Rooney – 19.53 – 3 PB’s in a row here
  • Chris keene – 20.08 – previous best 20.13 set in December 2017
  • Neil Fulkes – 21.41 – previous best 22.15 set in December 2017
  • Rachel Burgess – 22.02 – previous best 22.19 set in January 2018
  • Lee Spencer – 22.35 – 3 PB’s in a row here
  • Sue Brumwell – 22.56 – previous best 23.30 set in April 2016
  • Jessica Coleman – 25.39 – previous best 28.17 set in December 2016
  • Justin Dobbs – 25.44 – previous best 25.52 set in October 2015

The team results for the first HCC race held at Chichester are now in.

As we all know at Arena 80 our priority for this year is to go for the triple crown of the HCC team trophy. It’s a series of six races over the course of the year with the best five results counting.

The first of this year’s races was the Chichester 10k held at Goodwood on February 10th. A post has already been put up on the website highlighting those athletes who achieved some fine individual results however the team results have now just been published.

Arena’s run of 7 races without defeat came to a slight stutter but we still came in as 2nd place team on 51pts with Chichester stealing the honours this time round on 49pts so there was pretty much just two places in it. Brighton & Hove City AC completed the top 3 with 83pts.

Katie Wright

The six athletes who scored our points were Maisie Trafford (F2), Tara Shanahan (F4), Richard Clayton (M8), Dani Tarleton (F9), Caroline Wood (F12) and Katie Wright (F16) so another strong day from our ladies and of course Richard Clayton’s new 10k club record effort.

There are still 5 races left for this year so let’s try to make up some ground at the next HCC race which is the Brighton Phoenix 10k on Wednesday 11th July, time 19.30. A nice mid-week summer race.

For entry details: http://www.brightonphoenix.org.uk/

For those members that sign up to the England Athletics Affiliation it’s £14.00 and for those not affiliated it’s £16.00.

It’s on our doorstep and no doubt a route we all know very well having run it like a zillion times.

Please add this in to your racing calendars and this is also one of the club’s Super Series races.

The new Arena parkrun series kicks off Saturday 17th Feb at Preston Park parkrun

As we approach the brand new and exciting club parkrun series 2018 directed by Al Silvester, of which we are most grateful to for taking it on, we thought that this would be the right time to now add the Peacehaven parkrun records to the club records.

It’s really refreshing to see some new names added to the club records and a wonderful opportunity to see themselves added to the Arena wall of fame.

For the men David Gifford holds prime position with his 19.03 while Jim Watson holds the age grading top spot with his 74.48%

For the women Caroline Wood makes a welcome return to pole position with her time of 21.02 and Caroline Wood also holds the age grading top spot with 83.34%

The parkrun series doesn’t hit this neck of the woods until October so these guys can still bask in their new-found glory for some time yet, unless of course you guys have different ideas between now and then.

If its points you are looking for during this year’s series then I feel Peacehaven is the place to possibly pick up bonus points for some of you.

The newly added Peacehaven records are set out below along with all the top records for the men and women for each parkrun. There really are some top records in there and it will take something very special to break some of these times and grading’s but, no matter what, there is always an Arena out there who will not take no for an answer and will give it a damned good go.

Just as an interesting stat to look at here: the oldest parkrun club record was set by Caroline Hoyte way back in 2009 at the Hove Park parkrun. Did you know that when Caroline set this record in 2009 this was ranked as the 4th fastest parkrun women in the country in 2009. Since then this time is now ranked as the 43rd fastest parkrun women in the UK of all time according to the Runbritain rankings. 

All the top parkrun results for each parkrun are shown below.

The parkrun series kicks of this weekend at Preston Park parkrun on Saturday 17th February at 9am. Arena colours should be worn if possible but not obligatory.

For the full details of the parkrun series 2018: http://arena80.co.uk/parkrun-series-2018/

Arena Club Parkrun Records
Peacehaven parkrun
1 David Gifford 2017 19m 03s
2 Jim Watson 2017 19m 06s
3 Ricky Coleman 2017 19m 48s
4 Rob Derkin 2017 2017 21m 12s
5 John Thompson 2017 21m 28s

Age grading
1 Jim Watson – 74.48%
John Thompson – 71.58%
Rob Derkin – 71.31%
David Gifford – 68.85%
5 Trevor Day – 68.71%

1 Caroline Wood 2017 21m 02s
2 Jenny Hughes 2017 22m 55s
3 Joanne Marshall 2017 23m 03s
4 Angelina Smy 2017 23m 14s
5 Georgia Steers 2017 23m 40s

Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 83.84%
2 Jenny Hughes – 80.07%
3 Brigitte Groves – 65.00%
4 Helen Block – 64.37%
5 Angelina Smy – 64.35%

Brighton & Hove parkrun
1 Joe Ashley 2016 16m 25s

Age grading
1 Charlton Rudwick – 85.46%

1 Caroline Hoyte 2009 16m 43s

Age grading
1 Caroline Hoyte – 90.63%

Preston Park parkrun
1 Alan Silvester 2016 16m 34s
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 82.90%

1 Caroline Hoyte 2017 17m 42s

Age grading
1 Chris Naylor- 91.10%

Hove Promenade parkrun
1 Richard Clayton 2017 16m 22s

Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 83.10%

1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 53s

Age grading
1 Chris Naylor – 90.92%

Bevendean Down parkrun
1 Timmy Gedin 2016 18m 06s

Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 72.43%

1 Tara Shanahan 2017 21m 12s
Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 81.20%

Worthing parkrun
1 James Dicks 2016 16m 29s
Age grading
1 Joe Ashley – 80.82%

1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 39s
Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 88.76%

For all the club and parkrun records click here: Club Records

The class of 2017 at Preston Park parkrun

The Arena men’s cross-country season for 2017/18

The cross-country report for 2017/18 from our men’s captain Dan Vaughan

Congratulations and thanks to all Arena men who turned out for the cross country league fixtures. The A team were a very comfortable 5th place out of 8 in Division 1 (same as previous year), and were closer in points to first place (Lewes) than we were to relegation (Hastings and Horsham). The B team were 7th in Div 3 – and were the 6th best-placed B team in the leagues. We should be at least one or two better. The Vets were 10th – top 5 is easily achievable if we all turn out more regularly.

In terms of individual performances, 28 of us turned out in at least one of the 4 fixtures. Of those 28, 9 turned out twice and 6 turned out 3 times. Many thanks to those 6 – Alex Jago, Jim Risdale, Michael Barker, Sam Bennett, Steve McNealy and Timmy Gedin. Alex started all 4, but was a DNF at Goodwood – due to illness.

In terms of finishing positions, 11 men scored for the A team (i.e. were in our top 6 in at least one race). Of those, pride of place must go to Alex Jago – our MAN OF THE SEASON – for his 2nd, 1st and 1st Arena positions. James Dicks ‘Dixie’ grabbed a 1st and 2nd, Michael Barker a 4th, 1st and 4th, and Mr Consistency Timmy Gedin was 4th, 3rd and 3rd. Gary McKivett was 3rd and 2nd in the first 2 races before injury struck.

Whilst 28 runners turning out is fantastic, a surprising number of cross country “regulars” from previous years failed to make it out at all so we will work on it for next season please!

Until then, 8 months of road running glory lies ahead of us. Phew.

Dan V