Arena Super Series table after the 9th Super Series race.

Falling in to make the shot.

Falling in to make the shot.

Please note that my report is done on the accumulation of points. The Super Series table shows the order slightly differently to my report as it goes by the lowest number of points over 6 races which of course is the aim of the challenge as opposed to the accumulation of points.

I have shown the points of the best 6 races by the individual men in brackets.

So the Super Series challenge is now at race 9 of the 16 challenges. There is still so much to play for and it looks like this competition could be running all the way to the end with no idea who could run away with the title unless we get a sprint finish of course. Who will take the tape? Who has the endurance to last the 16 race Super Series challenge? It may be that it’s too much of a hill climb for some but those that stay the course could still power through to the finishing line (ok enough puns for now).

In the men’s table the top 10 has 2 non movers, 5 going up, 2 going down and 1 new entry.

The Phoenix 10k race offered up the perfect weather for race number 9 and this is very often the race where the Areneez tend to pull out all the stops and bag themselves some PBs so it goes without saying that you also get some of the top guns in Sussex turn out for this race to help push the pace along.

For the second time in a row the Sundance Kid (Richard) stays on top in 1st place. With his partner in crime running with an injury this was to be SK’s glory day but alas The Shuffler (Al Silvester) decided to rain on his parade and turn in an extraordinary run to claim the new men’s 10k club record in 33.54. All was not lost though as Sundance finished in a superb Arena 2nd place and gives him a nifty little total of 48pts (12pts). In 2nd place is Butch Cassidy (Timmy) who having raced with an injury, he ended up trotting home in 16th place and gives him a total of 85pts (12pts). With two SS races in August this could be interesting times between this duo. Who will be the quickest to fire off their guns in August?

Moving up one place to 3rd is Mr T Ran Well (Teo Van Well) who made a good effort in the 10k although he didn’t break sweat once (note to Teo, must try harder). Ran Well came home to bag 13pts from the race which now puts him on 135pts (60pts). This is Ran Wells 7th consecutive climb up the chart, now that’s consistency for you. In 4th place and just behind Ran Well is Squirrel (Joe Ashley) who with a new PB at the Phoenix race bags himself 4 delightful points to now put him on 138pts (48pts). Incidentally this is Joe’s first appearance in the top 5.

In joint 5th place is Pacer Jago and Sam Bennett. Jago having missed the last two races drops down two places on 145pts (55pts) and Sam Bennett motors up two places to 5th position also on 145pts (55pts). Pacer has now been in the top 5 for 7 consecutive races. This is Sam’s fifth time in the top 5.

Of the rest of the top 10 we have 1 going down, 2 going up and 1 new entry.

Scooting up three places to 7th is Dan Vaughan who ran in a very impressive 5th Arena man home at Phoenix and sits on 147pts (57pts) and breathing hard down the necks of Jago and Bennett. Jim Watson is a mover and up one place to take 8th place. Jim was another of the men who turned it on at Phoenix and earned a respectable 12pts and now brings his total to 151pts (61pts) and it’s his 6th time in the top 10. ‘Suits you sir’ Rob Derkin drops down 3 places to land on the number 9 spot with 155pts (75pts) and completing the top 10 we gain a new entry by way of Tristan Sharp on 162pts (72pts). This is Tristan’s first time back in the top 10 since race number 4 so welcome home Tristan.

It’s been said before I know but really just one missed race or one bad run could change any of the bottom 8 places which is why this table looks so exciting. Let’s hope that Butch’s niggle clears up quickly for the August romps or could it be that Sundance decides that he’s gonna take the town by himself. Watch this space…..

I have shown the points of the best 6 races by the individual women in brackets.

In the women’s table it’s normally a case of, as you were, with the usual suspects holding fort in the top 10. However, this time round, there has been a change in the lower half of the top 10.

Of the first four places, all of these are non movers. For the fifth race in a row and still sitting on the Super Series throne is the queen of parkruns Caroline Wood. Having missed out on the last SS race, Caroline came back strong at Phoenix to come home in 5th place which now brings her tally to 87pts (20pts).

Jenny Hughes continues to make very steady progress and for the second consecutive race  holds 2nd spot with 102pts (31pts). Jenny has been in the top 10 five times now.

The ever-present sight of Isobel Muir in the top 3 shows no signs of abating. Issy is finding her form again and thus it proved at Phoenix with a splendid 6 points (admin joke here – I typed the word pints, which had I left it at that, it would have read totally different and would have been even more impressive for Issy, sorry I digress). Isobel is now the only Arena runner (for both men & women) to feature in the top 5 of all of the nine Super Series races, nice going Issy and this gives you 103pts (34pts).

In 4th spot and for the sixth consecutive race Angelina Smy continues to hold her place in the top 5. Despite having a slight niggle at Phoenix, Angelina was not going to duck out of the race as she knows that at this stage every point counts. A useful 15 pointer at Phoenix brings her total to 123 pts (56pts).

Completing the top five places and climbing up the ladder one place is Brigitte Groves. Brigitte has now featured in the top 10 for all nine SS races with her best position peaking at number 2. Brigitte sits on 144pts (62pts).

Of the rest of the top 10 we have 2 going down, 1 going up and 2 new entries.

For the first time in six races Anne Miners drops out of the top 5 and takes her place at number 6 having missed the Phoenix race. Anne sits with 145pts (65pts). There is a non-mover at number 7 with Caroline Hoyte also taking a rest day from Phoenix which leaves her on 155pts (72pts). The big news of the day for the women’s table is that there are two new entries, YES two (the crowd go wild). The lady occupying number 8 is the very in form Tara Shanahan. Tara really is the lady to beat at the moment and so it proved at Phoenix when she came striding home in 1st place for the Arena women in 38.35 which gives Tara 162pts (74pts). New entry number two at number 9 in the chart comes Dani ‘Dino’ Tarleton. This is only Dani’s second time to feature in the top 10 and nice to see her back. With Dani’s second place Arena lady at Phoenix in 38.45, Dani has muscled her way back into the top 10 with a total of 164pts (74pts). Completing our top 10 and dropping two places is Louise Payne who now has 165pts (75pts).

Like the men’s table, just one missed race could change the way the table looks entirely. Of course there are still enough races for any late comers to come and join in the party and so we are keeping the champagne on ice for the time being. With two races due in August it really should shape the table as we head into the Autumn season.

Congratulations to everyone who earned their PBs at Phoenix and again to see so many Arena runners out en masse. I should also thank the lady that took the team photo at the end of the race. What was meant to be a quick snap took over four minutes as we watched the Areneez flying in from all sides to get in it with Amanda Hall and Brigitte Groves literally falling in from the finishing line (see photo at the top of this post). Such an immense team photo.

The next two Super Series races take place in August.
Tuesday August 23rd – The Arena 80 Adur challenge.
Monday August 29th – Harvey Curtis Kings Head Canter 5k.

Arena parkrun records have now been added to the club records.

The club records have now been updated to show the three main parkrun records for both men and women. We have also added the age grading records. We have not included Bevendean or Worthing at this stage as these two are still relatively new to the parkrun scene.

I’m sure you can appreciate how good some of these times are when you see how long ago they were set. Having said that, there has been a major influx over the last couple of years with some cracking times now taking over some of those long standing parkrun records. When you look at the age grading results thats when it gets turned on its head and the records take on a whole new slant. 

Get to Know…Emily Proto

A purr-fect smile.

A purr-fect match.

We are joined this week by the feline that is Emily Proto. Having taken up running not that long ago (in running terms) Emily has notched up many personal records as well as being invited to run in the Great South Run last year as one of the elite runners and getting to hang out with Jo Pavey no less. So let’s find out a little more about the ‘Protonater’.

Name: Emily Proto

1. When did you join Arena:
September 2011 after meeting Isobel at an open meet – we did the long jump together and Isobel Muir beat me by 3 metres (no joke).

2. How long have you been running:
Since Feb 2011.

3. Where did you grow up:

4. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning: 
I’m too tired to go for a run.

5. What do you do for fun:
Go on holiday.

6. Name 3 things in nature you find most beautiful:
Watching the River Adur when running across the Shoreham Tollbridge. Spying on my cat in the garden chasing flies & the smell of freshly cut grass.

7. If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be:

8. What’s your favourite app on your phone: 
WhatsApp – I have a family WhatsApp group and even though we are nearby and see each other often we send pictures and videos of what we are all up to.

9. Who is your sporting hero:
Paula Radcliffe – I find it so amazing that no woman has run within 3 minutes of her marathon record of 2 hours 15 minutes which was set in 2003!

10. Without looking, guess what time it is and how close were you: 
9:05am (oops it was 9:23am).

11. Have you ever had or do you have a nickname:
Not really a nickname but a lot of people call me Proto, which I quite like.

12. What makes you happy:
Seeing other people happy.

13. What was the last film you watched:
Identity Thief

14. What type of music do you like most:
I like classical and country music.

15. What’s something we don’t know about you:
If you see me running with my earphones in then I’m probably listening to classical music.
‘i Giorni’ by Ludovico Einaudi is my favourite piano piece and I’m learning to play it too. (Admin writes: I never saw that one coming).

16. What is your favourite piece of running kit:
Running watch.

17. What are your favourite sweets: 
Rhubarb and custard haribo sweets.. mmmm. haribos





18. What was the first song you ever purchased:
It was by a band called ‘Cleopatra’ called ‘Cleopatra comin atcha’. I knew the whole dance routine!

19. What was the last thing you bought:
A skirt from Zara.

20. Who is the most famous person you have ever seen or met:
I met Jo Pavey at the Great South Run last year in the toilets just before the race, we were laughing because every time she went, she kept joining the back of the queue again ‘just in case’.

Our biggest thanks to Emily for this week’s Q&A’s and you will Emily running around Shoreham but only if you’re up at about 6am. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our next chosen club member.

Vets League Monday 25th July – Lewes AC – Update

If anyone is now thinking of taking part in this, can you please send your preferred track or field event into Graham Shorter as soon as possible in order to get the places filled in. Take yourself out of the comfort zone and dare to try something different, you will love it. There is a great atmosphere amongst our Arena team mates and a very enjoyable social evening.

Dear Over 35’s,
The final Vet’s league meeting for this year is at Lewes on 25 July. For times and event’s please see the bottom of this post.lewes group
Everyone that attended the event at the last meeting had a great time and saw that the standard varied from the sublime to the ridiculous (insert names as appropriate). We had a record number of Arena athletes which was great. As this is the last Vets meeting for this year, it would be wonderful to get another big turnout from the blue vest’s especially on the ladies side. It’s a great opportunity to maybe try something different and it’s also a very sociable evening.

There’s 4 men’s track events this time, so hopefully more of us will be able to have scoring runs.
I’ll again be organising both the men’s and women’s teams.3k arena

If you are interested in competing please let me know, with your age (so I don’t offend you when I put you in the over 50’s and you’re only 36) and your preferred events. It is sometimes helpful to say ‘Oh, I don’t mind what I do’ but I would rather put you in the event that you really want to do. If we have too many for any event, there is the opportunity to compete as a non scorer. Although we take the competing seriously, we don’t try to fill each event (Hammer etc) just to get points.

Please send me an email only, not to the Arena address, but to my home email address at the one below. Email is the only way to be entered so please do not try to go via social media as I won’t pick these up.Lesley

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Graham Shorter – Please email:

Note that in all individual track events the V35 age group is open to an A & B string competitor from each club but the V50 and V60, where offered, are for A string only. All age groups in field events have A string athletes only. Throws and horizontal jumps are limited to 3 trials only.  Relay races are open to any mix of eligible athletes.

MATCH 3 Lewes  Monday  25 July 2016.
Track & Field                                              
18.50    100m             M   35   50
18.30     Hammer      W   35   50   60
19.00     Triple Jump  W   35   50
19.00     High Jump    M   35   50
19.10     100m            W   35   50
19.25     1500m          M   35   50   60              
19.25     Javelin           W   35   50
19.25     Hammer       M   35   50   60
19.40    1500m            W   35   50   60              
19.40    Long Jump     M   35   50
19.50    400m              M   35   50
20.00    400m              W   35   50
20.00    Shot                M   35   50
20.00    High Jump      W   35   50
20.10    5000m            M   35   50
20.40    Medley Relay M (200/200/400/800)
20.50    Medley Relay W (200/200/400/800)

10th WSFRL race – Henfield Seven Stiles – Sunday 24 July

The 10th WSFRL race – Henfield Seven Stiles.
11am Sunday 24 July 2016 .

This time a 4 mile, mostly flat off road race along trails that run via the Downslink and beside the Adur River, starting and finishing at Henfield Leisure Centre.  Ignore the reference to seven stiles, it’s there merely to confuse! The course has changed since the days of seven stiles.

Entries as per norm – £3 ahead of the game to Michele or Brigitte (with the funds).
Postal entries available by downloading from the website above – £5 on the day.
There is also a Junior race at 10.15.
Cake and refreshments at the finish.

Best wishes
Brigitte and Michele


There is a brand new Spin Cycle studio that has opened up in the heart of Hove. The classes will give you a full body workout with some of the most motivated and enthusiastic instructors you will ever have the pleasure of working out with. You will be taken on a spin journey with up tempo pumping tunes to ride along too.spin city

Towels are provided for each class along with cycling cleats, to make your ride that little bit more comfortable.

Apart from the spin classes, Spin City also offers some of the most delicious, healthy smoothies and juices to give you that extra buzz afterwards!

With this brand new Spin studio now fully opened, we are giving you the chance to win two free spaces to a class of your choice. This is a great opportunity to try it out and find why there is such a buzz around town about Spin City.

All you have to do is to answer this one simple question:

What time is the first spin class of the weekday at Spin City?

(if you don’t know the answer I’ll give you a little clue

Send your answers to by Saturday 30th July. Please remember to add your name with your answer.

Entries are open to everyone but entrants must be 14 and over.

All correct entries will be drawn out of a hat by an independent judge and the winner will be notified shortly after the closing date.

Good luck to you all.

A great Arena family day, thank you.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?......

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?……

This is a thank you to all the Arena club members and Arena families that came along to the Hove Lawns today for our Arena family day. The weather played it’s part for once and the sun shone. It was a lovely chilled out affair and so lovely to get to know members and family on a more relaxed level plus there was very little talk about running. We managed to play a few old school games, egg and spoon, sack race and balloon pop and we are happy to say that all enjoyed the fun. The children were amazing and enjoyed the day as welll. Thank you Areneez.


Phoenix 10k 13.07.2016 – Arena place well.

The weather finally played ball for us and despite a downpour an hour before the race, it actually turned out to be perfect running conditions, needless to say Arena had at least a dozen PB’s resulting from it.

Taking the race a little too seriously perhaps?

Taking the race a little too seriously perhaps?

Arena placed four men in the men’s top 40;
Al Silvester 14th – 33.54
Richard Clayton 19th – 34.22
Anthony Snelling 31st – 35.17
Joe Ashley 32nd – 35.22 New PB

Arena placed nine women in the women’s top 40;
Tara Shanahan 6th – 38.35
Dani Tarleton 7th – 38.45
Katherine O’Hara 8th – 39.01
Juliette Roberts 14th – 41.20
Caroline Wood 16th – 41.44
Isobel Muir 24th – 42.41
Kirsty Parker 27th – 43.00
Jenny Hughes 30th – 43.27
Emma Habba – 39th – 44.43

On top of this Arena also took the Sussex 10k Champ Medals for:
Teams (All Ages Score)
2nd Arena 80 AC – 21pts
Tara Shanahan, Dani Tarleton, Katherine O’Hara

1st Tara Shanahan (Arena 80 AC)
2nd Dani Tarleton (Arena 80 AC)
3rd Katherine O’Hara (Arena 80 AC)

2nd Caroline Wood (Arena 80 AC)

To cap off a cracking week for Al Silvester, with his time of 33.54, he now also holds the men’s 10k club record beating Richard Burgess-Gamble’s long standing record from 2010 by 5 seconds.

Fine running from both the men and the women and we congratulate you on some fine performances on the night. Your hard work is really paying dividends now.

Well done to Phoenix for putting on an excellent race with a lot of good support out there for all the clubs.