Arena social – Komedia, Krater comedy club – Friday March 16th.

Komedia comedy club – Arena social Friday March 16th.

Due to the success of last year’s visit here and member’s requesting to go back, we’ve decided to do it again with our first club social event of the year and what a way to start with a night at the Komedia comedy club in Brighton. A night of guaranteed laughs and with some great company in tow this has all the makings of a top evening’s entertainment.

I have spoken to the venue today (18/02) and although there are still tickets they have advised that we think about booking them very soon as they are now starting to move.

The date: Friday 16th March
Venue: Komedia – Gardner Street, Btn
Show time starts: 8pm (doors open 7pm)rice: 6 or more £13.50 / 15 or more £12.50

Please email me to CONFIRM if you wish to go. Those of you that have confirmed to me on Arena Facebook, I have added you to the list. I will book the tickets on Friday 24th February on my card and then you can pay me once i have booked them. There is no refund if you are not able to attend.

If you wish to go then email:

A80 Member Only – CPR and defib Information Sessions – Mon 5th and 19th Feb Withdean

To all Arena 80 members

Lucy Anderson has offered the following information sessions on CPR and Defib use. (Link to Flyer Below). These sessions are for A80 members only and will be on a first come basis but if both sessions are over booked then priority will be given to those who regularly take part in our Monday, Wednesday or Thursday sessions. However if demand dictates then Lucy could possibly offer further sessions.

The sessions will be held in the Players Lounge at Withdean (where we hold our committee meetings) on Monday 5th and Monday 19th Feb from 19:30-21:00, so post Monday training.

If you are interested and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be for something so important and free then please email directly your preference to Caroline Wood:

The club would like to thank Lucy for her willingness to share her skills and experience which hopefully we will not have to use but if we do only once then what fantastic knowledge to have.

Click here for flyer: A80 CPR training poster

The team results for the first HCC race held at Chichester are now in.

As we all know at Arena 80 our priority for this year is to go for the triple crown of the HCC team trophy. It’s a series of six races over the course of the year with the best five results counting.

The first of this year’s races was the Chichester 10k held at Goodwood on February 10th. A post has already been put up on the website highlighting those athletes who achieved some fine individual results however the team results have now just been published.

Arena’s run of 7 races without defeat came to a slight stutter but we still came in as 2nd place team on 51pts with Chichester stealing the honours this time round on 49pts so there was pretty much just two places in it. Brighton & Hove City AC completed the top 3 with 83pts.

Katie Wright

The six athletes who scored our points were Maisie Trafford (F2), Tara Shanahan (F4), Richard Clayton (M8), Dani Tarleton (F9), Caroline Wood (F12) and Katie Wright (F16) so another strong day from our ladies and of course Richard Clayton’s new 10k club record effort.

There are still 5 races left for this year so let’s try to make up some ground at the next HCC race which is the Brighton Phoenix 10k on Wednesday 11th July, time 19.30. A nice mid-week summer race.

For entry details:

For those members that sign up to the England Athletics Affiliation it’s £14.00 and for those not affiliated it’s £16.00.

It’s on our doorstep and no doubt a route we all know very well having run it like a zillion times.

Please add this in to your racing calendars and this is also one of the club’s Super Series races.

The new Arena parkrun series kicks off Saturday 17th Feb at Preston Park parkrun

As we approach the brand new and exciting club parkrun series 2018 directed by Al Silvester, of which we are most grateful to for taking it on, we thought that this would be the right time to now add the Peacehaven parkrun records to the club records.

It’s really refreshing to see some new names added to the club records and a wonderful opportunity to see themselves added to the Arena wall of fame.

For the men David Gifford holds prime position with his 19.03 while Jim Watson holds the age grading top spot with his 74.48%

For the women Caroline Wood makes a welcome return to pole position with her time of 21.02 and Caroline Wood also holds the age grading top spot with 83.34%

The parkrun series doesn’t hit this neck of the woods until October so these guys can still bask in their new-found glory for some time yet, unless of course you guys have different ideas between now and then.

If its points you are looking for during this year’s series then I feel Peacehaven is the place to possibly pick up bonus points for some of you.

The newly added Peacehaven records are set out below along with all the top records for the men and women for each parkrun. There really are some top records in there and it will take something very special to break some of these times and grading’s but, no matter what, there is always an Arena out there who will not take no for an answer and will give it a damned good go.

Just as an interesting stat to look at here: the oldest parkrun club record was set by Caroline Hoyte way back in 2009 at the Hove Park parkrun. Did you know that when Caroline set this record in 2009 this was ranked as the 4th fastest parkrun women in the country in 2009. Since then this time is now ranked as the 43rd fastest parkrun women in the UK of all time according to the Runbritain rankings. 

All the top parkrun results for each parkrun are shown below.

The parkrun series kicks of this weekend at Preston Park parkrun on Saturday 17th February at 9am. Arena colours should be worn if possible but not obligatory.

For the full details of the parkrun series 2018:

Arena Club Parkrun Records
Peacehaven parkrun
1 David Gifford 2017 19m 03s
2 Jim Watson 2017 19m 06s
3 Ricky Coleman 2017 19m 48s
4 Rob Derkin 2017 2017 21m 12s
5 John Thompson 2017 21m 28s

Age grading
1 Jim Watson – 74.48%
John Thompson – 71.58%
Rob Derkin – 71.31%
David Gifford – 68.85%
5 Trevor Day – 68.71%

1 Caroline Wood 2017 21m 02s
2 Jenny Hughes 2017 22m 55s
3 Joanne Marshall 2017 23m 03s
4 Angelina Smy 2017 23m 14s
5 Georgia Steers 2017 23m 40s

Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 83.84%
2 Jenny Hughes – 80.07%
3 Brigitte Groves – 65.00%
4 Helen Block – 64.37%
5 Angelina Smy – 64.35%

Brighton & Hove parkrun
1 Joe Ashley 2016 16m 25s

Age grading
1 Charlton Rudwick – 85.46%

1 Caroline Hoyte 2009 16m 43s

Age grading
1 Caroline Hoyte – 90.63%

Preston Park parkrun
1 Alan Silvester 2016 16m 34s
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 82.90%

1 Caroline Hoyte 2017 17m 42s

Age grading
1 Chris Naylor- 91.10%

Hove Promenade parkrun
1 Richard Clayton 2017 16m 22s

Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 83.10%

1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 53s

Age grading
1 Chris Naylor – 90.92%

Bevendean Down parkrun
1 Timmy Gedin 2016 18m 06s

Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 72.43%

1 Tara Shanahan 2017 21m 12s
Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 81.20%

Worthing parkrun
1 James Dicks 2016 16m 29s
Age grading
1 Joe Ashley – 80.82%

1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 39s
Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 88.76%

For all the club and parkrun records click here: Club Records

The class of 2017 at Preston Park parkrun

The Arena men’s cross-country season for 2017/18

The cross-country report for 2017/18 from our men’s captain Dan Vaughan

Congratulations and thanks to all Arena men who turned out for the cross country league fixtures. The A team were a very comfortable 5th place out of 8 in Division 1 (same as previous year), and were closer in points to first place (Lewes) than we were to relegation (Hastings and Horsham). The B team were 7th in Div 3 – and were the 6th best-placed B team in the leagues. We should be at least one or two better. The Vets were 10th – top 5 is easily achievable if we all turn out more regularly.

In terms of individual performances, 28 of us turned out in at least one of the 4 fixtures. Of those 28, 9 turned out twice and 6 turned out 3 times. Many thanks to those 6 – Alex Jago, Jim Risdale, Michael Barker, Sam Bennett, Steve McNealy and Timmy Gedin. Alex started all 4, but was a DNF at Goodwood – due to illness.

In terms of finishing positions, 11 men scored for the A team (i.e. were in our top 6 in at least one race). Of those, pride of place must go to Alex Jago – our MAN OF THE SEASON – for his 2nd, 1st and 1st Arena positions. James Dicks ‘Dixie’ grabbed a 1st and 2nd, Michael Barker a 4th, 1st and 4th, and Mr Consistency Timmy Gedin was 4th, 3rd and 3rd. Gary McKivett was 3rd and 2nd in the first 2 races before injury struck.

Whilst 28 runners turning out is fantastic, a surprising number of cross country “regulars” from previous years failed to make it out at all so we will work on it for next season please!

Until then, 8 months of road running glory lies ahead of us. Phew.

Dan V


A new Arena club record is set by Richard Clayton at the Worthing half marathon

It was a great day for both Richard Clayton and Emily Proto at the Worthing half today.

Was it only a week ago that we were reporting about Richard Clayton being one of Arena’s finest 10k athletes with the new club record taken by Richard as he set a new record time of 33.21.

You would think that most athletes would perhaps have a break to get those legs fresh again, yet one week on and Richard Clayton took on the Worthing half marathon today.

The conditions, although sunny and cold, did carry quite a strong wind and did play its part out there.

The first 1k is always very fast and the leading men were already away from the chasing pack and were pretty much racing amongst themselves.

The course as we know does have quite a few twists and turns as it takes you through the town of Worthing. At the turn from the town back on to the seafront, the wind took its toll on many of the runners out there today as they went in to the wind on the long stretch along to Goring.

This though did not stop Richard at this point as he wanted to keep it strong and to not let it slow him down. Indeed so strong was his running that he actually passed a couple of the men that were ahead of him. Richard said it was quite a lonely race in some respects as there was no one around him to race with so it was a case of keeping focused and strong and to try to pull in some of the men further ahead.

At the half way point Richard checked his time and he was ahead of where he had hoped to be at this stage as he had set himself a target of 37.30 at this point. He was consistently checking his splits after every 1k and by the time he had got to the turning point at Goring, he found he had lost about 40 seconds due to the wind.

Now on the return leg home and with the wind behind him, Richard could try to make up some lost ground although he could not really feel as though he was being wind assisted. James baker was about 100m ahead of him at this stage and Richard started to reel him in slowly but surely. Eventually Richard passed James but only to be caught and overtaken again a little further on.

With 400m to go Richard had a check of his watch and realised that he could still make his target time of 75 minutes and with that put in one hell of push which took him flying past James Baker and to bring him home as 6th man. What of his time though? Had he made his target time of 75 minutes? We can happily report that he made his target time and some. Richard’s time was clocked in at 74.02, not only had he hit his time but put himself as Arena’s second fastest half marathon time in the club records. Just to add a cherry to the top, Richard also set a new PB time and beat his previous best of 75.58 which he set at this race in 2017, not a bad week really for Richard.

Just to add some sort of context to this time, the men’s HM club record of 1.09.24 is held by John Schaab who very briefly ran for Arena back in the late 80’s. John was in fact an international athlete who ran for Australia which gives you some idea of the standard our Arena men are now up against trying to reach this target.

I spoke to Richard after the race who said that had there been a clock for him to see then he felt that he could have gone under 74 minutes as he still had a bit of running in him and he could have pushed it a little earlier as well.

His target time of 75 minutes was to get him a championship start at the London marathon for 2019, so it looks like its job done then. Richard has never wanted to run the Brighton marathon and has said that he ever did a marathon (which he never has yet) then London was the only one he would do. He’s been told that every runner should do at least one marathon so it looks like 2019 is taken care of then.

Richard has one more half marathon to take on in April up there at Paddocks Wood. Both Al Silvester and James Dicks who hold the next fastest men’s half marathon times, both set these at Paddocks Wood so it could be another good time for Richard as its a fast course although he did say that he wanted to go out and enjoy this next one (why do I somehow feel that Richard’s competitive streak will not allow himself to do this or to even know what this means).

The summer will see Richard competing in more of the 5k and 10k races and then come the autumn/winter it will be all about the marathon training. He will have enough experience to draw upon within Arena 80 with so many seasoned marathon runners amongst the club.

We would also like to congratulate Emily Proto who took such a magnificent 2nd place women with a time of 82.35. As said earlier the wind will have played a big part in the race today but Emily always such a strong athlete, really had a top race and all of us at Arena send our biggest congratulations on a job well done out there.

Arena had a big field out there today and no doubt many will have achieved their own personal goals during this race. Thank you to all for representing Arena and for flying the blue vests of Arena 80.

As for the club records, well done Richard Clayton on your second men’s club record in 8 days, simply awesome. The records now look like this.

Arena Half Marathon Men
1 John Schaab SM ? 1989 1h 09m 24s
2 Richard Clayton SM Worthing 2018 1h 14m 02s
3 Al Silvester SM Paddock Wood 2017 1h 14m 05s
4 James Dicks SM Paddock Wood 2017 1h 14m 27s
5 Bill Mulholland O40 Barns Green 1986 1h 15m 00s

For all club records: club records

From the SCAA – Sussex 10k road race at Chichester

Taken from the SCAA website with a couple of mentions for our Arena ladies.

The provisional Sussex 10k Road Race championship results have been published revealing Ross Skelton (Brighton Phoenix) and Rebecca Moore (Southampton) as the champions.

Run in conjunction with the Chichester 10k road race at Goodwood Skelton beat his club mate Max Dumbrell by nearly one minute as he placed fourth overall in 30:51 to Dumbrell’s fifth place in 31:47.  Local runner Harry Leleu was sixth overall in 32:03 to take the County bronze.

Richard Allen from Aldershot was the overall winner in 29:45 just two seconds clear of Andy Maud (Highgate).

Kevin Moore (Brighton & Hove) squeezed into a top ten placing clocking 32:16 in ninth place while James Skinner (Haywards Heath) filled 13th overall in 33:11 but was first Sussex master to finish.

Rebecca Moore, who now runs for Southampton in Open competition but for Chichester in County events finished sixth in the Open women’s race clocking 36:47 behind Coventry International winner Katrina Wooton who set a new course in 33:23.

Masie Trafford (Arena 80) finished seventh but second in the Sussex event in 37:15 while Bethane Male, from Brighton Tri Club finished 14th to take the County bronze medal in 38:25.

Tara Shanahan (Arena 80) was the first Sussex veteran to finish placing 19th overall in 38:52.

Big congratulations to both Maisie and Tara and very well deserved.

Calling All Clubs – Officials Course at the Lewes track on Sunday 18 March 2018.

This is an email from the SEAA

If you have any queries or want more information regarding this post, please Email Reg Hook.

This is an important announcement to inform all Sussex athletics clubs that there will be an Officials Course at the Lewes track on Sunday 18 March 2018.

This will cover all four track and field disciplines of starter/marksman, timekeeper, track judge and field judge commencing at 10.00 am and continuing until about 3.30 pm.

It is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that all clubs do all they possibly can to increase the number of qualified officials we have here in Sussex.

Every track club in the county needs to increase the number of qualified officials among its members. If anyone wants to discuss the requirements they are welcome to call John Gill on 01444 458953.

Clubs often pay for you to attend the course. Speak to your club secretary.