Super Series race 14 was a PB Fest along with our new president.

PB Fest at Hove Prom parkrun.

PB Fest at Hove Prom parkrun.

The PB times are all for the Hove Prom course only.

Today saw the 14th race of this year’s Super Series challenge at Hove Prom parkrun. The weather was perfect and it was the right day for sun, sea and PB’s.

Now I’m not sure what quite happens when Arena turn out as a club but it has a remarkable effect on everyone that runs.

Today’s race was all about the age grading and this is where age can play it’s part on maxing out on points. What was so significant about today’s race is that in the week that our president, John Mason, decided to retire from his role after giving so many wonderful years to the club (and for that John, Arena 80 and all its club members past and present are truly thankful to you for making this club what it is today!) we announced our new club president Chris Naylor.

Chris Naylor stands for everything that this club is about which is ‘to always strive to do the best you can’. The reason I mention this will become apparent shortly. We are very proud and fortunate to have the calibre of Chris as our new president. She has been running with Arena for many years and comes from an era when our ladies team were extremely strong, racing all over the country and abroad but they were also a very close nit group which is rare to find these days. You only need to look at the age grading club records to see that she still holds passion and determination with her running and then you realise why she was asked to take the helm of the Arena ship and guide us through the coming years. Welcome aboard Chris Naylor.

The race itself saw that unmistakable sea of blue as yet again the club turned out in force to put on another great show for all to see. It’s days like this that catch the attention of those outside of the club. Looking through the results Arena virtually cleaned up the top 10 places.

Arena placed an impressive six athletes in the top 10 which included all the places from 2nd to 6th along with 9th and 10th place as well. If you look at the top 20 then Arena also look just as imposing with ten athletes placing inside the 20. Just to add even more glitz and glamour to the Arena show, nine of those athletes in the top 20 all secured new PB’s. First man home for Arena was Luan Huynh in a new PB time of 16.29.

Within the ladies race, we secured twelve out of the top 20 places. The first lady home today for Arena was Kirsty Parker on her debut. Kirsty posted a time of 20.52. Of those twelve Arena ladies home, six posted PB’s with three being first timers to this event. An astonishing haul and so very pleasing to see so many succeeding in their quest for improvement. 

Looking beyond the top 20 and it still looks like one hell of a ride out there today as no less than another eleven athletes all secured new PB’s with another four athletes running this for the first time so a PB by default.

In terms of the biggest gains in their PB times well the accolades go to Lucy Anderson who came home in 23.04 taking a massive 7 minutes off her previous best at this course which she set in July this year which was 30.04. Also we should say well done to Kate Rowinska who also had a huge gain today with her new PB time of 23.36 which was a massive 5 minutes and 49 seconds off from her previous best of 28.25 which was also set in July of this year.

As this was an age graded race, it seems only right to drill down to these results.

So the stand out result for this goes to our new president Chris Naylor. As mentioned earlier Chris epitomizes what Arena stands for (to always strive to do the best you can) and this is no more apparent than with Chris’s race today. Chris not only took 1st place for the age grading but also increased her own age grading club record from 88.79% to 90.92% which is outstanding by anyone standards. Chris now holds two of the three age graded records across the three main parkrun’s and is in 2nd place by only 0.56% behind the record at Brighton & Hove parkrun.  

We would also like to say a huge congratulations to Nicky Yeates who has really shone this year and with her age grading of 84.86% today, Nicky now makes it into the hall of fame by adding herself to the age graded club records.

Not to let the ladies take all the glory here but a couple of our men decided to get in on the action as well with both men improving on their own age grading records. Paul Gasson still impresses and increased his own record from 81.99% to now show 83.10%. Dan Vaughan also improves his age grading record from 80.84% to 81.00%.

In fact in terms of age grading results Arena took 17 of the top 20 places at Hove prom today which is just outstanding. This just goes to prove how much talent we have in depth within the club.

Here are the new age graded club records after today’s race:

Hove Promenade parkrun Men
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 83.10%
2 Dan Vaughan 81.00%
3 Kevin Lowe – 80.17%
4 Andy Payne – 80.14%
5 Marc Steene – 80.03%

Hove Promenade parkrun Women
Age grading
1 Chris Naylor – 90.92%
2 Caroline Hoyte – 88.32%
3 Caroline Wood – 87.67%
4 Nicky Yeates – 84.46%
5 Jenny Hughes – 84.01%

For all club records see here:

The Super Series table will follow in due course.

The penultimate Super Series race is the SGP Crowborough 10k on Sunday Nov 27th.

Harvey Curtis update after Bright 10 (race 5 in series).

Harvey Curtis update after Bright 10 (race 5 in series).

Thanks to a great turn out and some excellent running we not only were first team in the Harvey Curtis Road Race Challenge at Bright 10 but also took overall top spot in the Challenge with 1 race left, Brighton 10k. So if you can then enter Brighton 10k and ensure A80 are top team following our 2nd last year.

In the individual Harvey Curtis points table for Bright 10 (top 40 Sussex AA affiliated men and woman) we had Alan Silvester, Luan Huynh, Dan Vaughan, Anthony Snelling, Timmy Gedin, Andrew Bargery, Jim Risdale, James Gladman, Jim Watson
Emily Proto, Dani Tarleton, Katherine O’Hara, Juliette Roberts, Kerry Scott, Soulla Wright, Cat Scott, Jo Phillimore, Louise Payne, Nicky Yeates, Angelina Smy, Kristina Hine, Patrycja Wollnik, Sue Brumwell, Lucy Anderson.

In the overall and masters table several of our runners can take home prizes this year, so just one more race.

Fantastic achievement by everyone who puts themselves on the line in a race and strives to do the best they can. Proud Bob.

Don’t forget prizes given out at Crowborough 10k for Harvey Curtis so another reason to support Dan Vaughan and enter.

Thanks Bob

The next two West Sussex fun run league races.

The next West Sussex Fun Run League races are:
Sunday 30th October – Lancing Eagles Steepdown Challenge
5 mile – 11:00am
Lancing Manor Leisure Centre BN15 0PH

Sunday 6th November – Horsham Joggers Gunpowder Trot
5 miles
Awaiting details

For further details and entry please see our reps Michele Saunders or Brigitte Groves.

The Super Series table up to race 13 for accumulative points only.

Here are the accumulative points tables for the Super Series races up to race 13. There are two competitions going on within the SS races. One is for the least amount of points with your six best results counting and the other is for the lowest amount of points over all sixteen races.

Saturday 22 October is race 14 of the SS challenge and will be the age graded Hove Prom parkrun starting at 9am. The new Arena tops are ok to wear instead of the Arena vest’s if you would prefer.

Good luck on Saturdays guys.

Ladies Super Series Table for accumulative points.

Ladies Super Series Table for accumulative points.

Men's Super Series Table for accumulative points.

Men’s Super Series Table for accumulative points.

Arena 80 Christmas Party – Saturday 17th December – The View

With 8  weeks to go until the Arena 80 Christmas party, we thought we should remind you of the date as a few members have been asking when it is being held. I’m sure many of you will have had work parties spoken about already and dates are now being confirmed.

We are pleased to say that we have secured a Saturday evening this year which hopefully will stop it clashing with many of the work parties that are also going ahead.

We have secured a bigger venue for this year with a capacity of 120 which should make it a little less cramped and with more room to move around.

The date has been set for Saturday 17th December and the venue is The View, Western Esplanade, Kingsway, Hove BN3 4FA, which is situated on the Hove Promenade half way between the Lagoon and King Alfred.

Further details will follow in due course and so for now get it booked into your social calendars.

This date of course also concludes the Super Series challenge with the last race being run at Hove Park parkrun in the morning and so another great reason to also celebrate.

Get to Know…Paul Hebden

Paul Keeping the opposition at bay.

Paul Keeping the opposition at bay.

This week we are joined by a fairly newish member in terms of Arena years. For those that have met Paul will already know this but Paul is one for those guys that one instantly take a liking too. A nice northern lad with a good sense of humour to match. If you haven’t yet ahd the pleasure then next time you are out there at track or a race, pop you self forward and say ‘Hi’ (no pressure to now be humorous Paul). Let’s meet the man and see what he’s all about.

Name: Paul Hebden

1. When and why did you join Arena:
I started training with Arena in November 2015. I’d managed to stay injury free for a bit and wanted to kick on with my running.

2. How long have you been running:
I used to compete when I was a kid, then stopped…for years and years. I only started at a sustained level again in the summer of 2015.

3. Where did you grow up:

4. Which three words describe you best:
Loyal, fatigued and occasionally funny.

5. Apart from running what else do you do with your free time:
Running takes up most of my free time (what’s freetime?).

6. What’s been the highlight of 2016:
Oh a PB, here and there. I got one at the Bright 10 today actually, but it was strangely unsatisfying because of the stupid weather.

7. Tell me about something you would happily do again: 
Marry my wife.

8. What was your favorite subject at school:
I hated school. But I liked Geography, History, Physics and PE.

9. Who is your sporting hero:
Stuart McCall.

10. What will be a highlight of 2017:
To get close to a sub 40 10k would be nice, but generally to get faster, for longer.

11. Have you anything on your bucket list that you still want to do:
I don’t really have a list. But to give up work and run more would be great.

12. What is your favourite drink:
The first coffee of every morning.

13. What makes you laugh:
My son, Cassius, he’s the funniest guy I know.

14. Name 3 people (dead or alive) you would like to sit in a pub with:
Karl Marx (he used to get pissed round the pubs of Soho and start fights) Jesus (for themiraculous free booze) and my childhood pal Andrew Baranowski who tells excellent stories and falls asleep in nightclub speakers.

15. Tell us something we don’t know about you:
I starred in a Doritos advert (sharp intake of breath): (admin says “ha ha ha ha you are never going to live this one down Paul”!!).

16. What do you think about the most:

17. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch: A bonsai plant.
That’s crap… I’ll go sit somewhere else, hang on a minute.

Nope, still a bonsai plant (couldn’t actually move. Did I tell you I ran the Bright10 today?).

18. When are you at your happiest:
At home with my wife (Sacha) and Cassius.

19. If you didn’t run what other sport would you like to have done:
I used to swim competitively, play football, cricket and cycle. Always loved playing football, until someone snapped my cruciate ligament and I’ve grown to dislike the game in recent years. I can’t imagine doing any sport other than running tbh.

20. What has been you all-time favourite TV programme:
This is tough, I don’t watch much telly, but I am addicted to Youtube. I’ve watched every edition of the Tour De France on it. I’m currently about three weeks into rinsing all the cross country races on it. There’s some really obscure stuff, Stanmer Park and elsewhere, if you search hard enough. 

Our biggest thanks to Paul for his Q&A’s this week and we hope that you have now got to know Paul a little better. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our chosen club member.

14th Super Series Race – Saturday 22nd Oct – Hove Prom Parkrun

With only three races remaining in this years Super Series, there are still good places up for grabs. Points have never been more vital and every point will certainly count toward the end placings.

The next race and the 14th in the Super Series is this Saturday 22nd October. This will be held at the Hove Prom parkrun starting at 9am.

This will be an age graded race which will make the points allocation very interesting after this race and should see a few place changes I’m sure.

The last two races of the series are:
Sunday Nov 27th – SGP Crowborough 10k.
Saturday Dec 17th – Hove Park parkrun 5k – age graded.

The Bright10 results and Arena 80 were definitely on show.

The times given below are for the race times and not chip times as it is the race times that give the athletes position of the race. Bright10 had 1786 participants.

Looking a little closer at the Bright10 results and Arena 80 really shone within their age categorise. Here is the role of honour list.

The standout results for the men:

Al Silvester – 3rd male in age category 35-39 – 11th overall – 57.23 and a new 10 mile Arena men’s club record.

Luan Huynh – 6th male in age category 30-34  – 17th male overall – 59.03 and the 3rd fastest Arena men’s 10 mile club record.

Timmy Gedin – 4th male in age category 25-29 – 19th overall – 59.51 and just 17 seconds outside of making the club record list (based on his chip time).

Dan Vaughan – 3rd male in age category 40-44 – 24th overall – 1.00.33

Andrew Bargery – 2nd  male in age category 45-49 – 36th overall – 1.02.45

Andy Payne –  3rd male in age category 50-54 – 67th overall – 1.06.04

Trevor Day – 4th male in age category 50-54 – 19th overall – 1.08.57

Marc Steene – 1st male  in age category 55-59 – 104th overall 1.09.23

The standout results for the women:

Emily Proto – 1st female  in age category 25-29 – 2nd female overall 1.03.41

Cat Scott – 4th female in age category 30-34 – 24th female overall – 1.14.51

Kerry Scott – 3rd female in age category 35-39 – 11th female overall 1.10.35

Dani Tarleton – 2nd female in age category 40-44 – 4th female overall 1.05.31

Katherine O’Hara – 3rd female in age category 40-44 – 5th female overall 1.05.56

Juliette Roberts – 4th female in age category 40-44 – 10th female overall 1.10.34

Jo Phillimore – 3rd female in age category 40-44 – 30th female overall 1.16.11

Louise Payne – 1st female  in age category 55-59 – 38th female overall 1.17.30

Nicky Yeates – 2nd female  in age category 55-59 – 48th female overall 1.19.15

Anne Miners – 4th female in age category 55-59 – 131st female overall 1.26.08

This just goes to show the strength and depth that the club has in their own age categories and each one should be applauded for putting in such good times and proving that they are some of the very best in their particular age groups. Such an amazing turn out from The Areneez and what a delight it is to see everyone do so well. Ladies and gentlemen please take a bow.