Sunday 31st July 11.59pm is the the very last chance to enter this competition so if you haven’t entered yet and want to win two places at Spin City then give it a go now. Really easy question and takes one minute to enter. Good luck.

There is a brand new Spin Cycle studio that has opened up in the heart of Hove. The classes will give you a full body workout with some of the most motivated and enthusiastic instructors you will ever have the pleasure of working out with. You will be taken on a spin journey with up tempo pumping tunes to ride along to.spin city

Towels are provided for each class along with cycling cleats, to make your ride that little bit more comfortable.

Apart from the spin classes, Spin City also offers some of the most delicious, healthy smoothies and juices to give you that extra buzz afterwards!

With this brand new Spin studio now fully opened, we are giving you the chance to win two free spaces to a class of your choice. This is a great opportunity to try it out and find why there is such a buzz around town about Spin City.

All you have to do is to answer this one simple question:

What time is the first spin class of the weekday at Spin City?

(if you don’t know the answer I’ll give you a little clue

Send your answers to by Sunday 31st July. Please remember to add your name with your answer.

Entries are open to everyone but entrants must be 14 and over.

All correct entries will be drawn out of a hat by an independent judge and the winner will be notified shortly after the closing date.

Good luck to you all.

Yet another parkrun club record has been beaten.

So it would appear that yet another parkrun club record was broken last week at the Hove Promanade parkrun. A recent member to join Arena 80 by the name of Luan Ke Huynh took on the Hove Prom last Saturday and came home in 1st place with a superb race time of 16m 44s. This puts him into 2nd place behind Timmy Gedin on the Prom club records. Congratulations Luan Ke Huynh. The club records have now been updated.

Hove Promenade parkrun Men
1 Timmy Gedin 2016 16m 28s
2 Luan Huynh 2016 16m 44s
3 Al Silvester 2015 16m 57s
4 Richard Clayton 2016 17m 04s
5 Joe Ashley 2015 17m 13s

The parkrun club records have only been up for just over a week and two records have already gone, Well done Arena athletes.

If you might be running any of the parkrun’s this weekend and are curious to see the times then check this link out.

Arena 80 Social Updates:

Social Updates:
Hello fellow Arena 80 runners, the next couple of socials are coming up soon, so get the dates below in your diary.  As we are known as a very sociable club I expect you all to let me know you are coming to both of these fantastic and free activities J: They are both back by popular demand, so have it on good authority that you will have a good time!

Blue Plaque RunTuesday 16th August
Some of you may be aware of blue plaques dotted around our fine City on building walls paying tribute to great people throughout the centuries who are associated with the City. This event is a back for the second year by popular demand. We meet at Hove Lagoon on the promenade on Tuesday 16th August around 6.30pm with 15min route planning for start at 6.45. We are looking at visiting 10 or so blue plaques around Hove with shortest route of around 6.5 miles and asking a question of each one, any missed or answered wrongly will cost you 5 mins and that’s a long way for runners. It will be run in pairs (lots of roads to cross so safety first) decided on the night with some prizes awarded. Cut off time 70mins with penalties after this for each part minute late back.  Maps, pens will be provided but a small torch may be useful once gloom descends.
If you wish to take part PLEASE RESPOND as we need at least 16 People for it to go ahead. Please email me at to take part by Friday 5th August.

Annual Arena volleyball TournamentFriday 26th August
Back by popular demand: The 4th annual Arena 80 volleyball tournament will be held on Friday 26th August, combined with a BBQ and music evening at Yellowave in Brighton:  Two courts are booked between 7pm and 9pm.   The is a trophy for the winning team, which Lee Turnbull is currently the holder of as the team that he captained were the tournament winners in 2015.

The courts are paid for by Arena, so you just need money for drinks/food. Partners are welcome, but priority given to Arena members if we have fulfilled all teams, they can still come along, spectate and join in the warm up at the start.

If you wish to take part PLEASE RESPOND as we need at least 20 People for it to go ahead. Please email me at to take part by Friday 5th August.

Thanks, I’ll go and wait for the influx of emails from you all…..


Arena 80 hill running club champs – Sunday 7th August

Hi Arena members
We are just confirming the date and time of the A80 hill running club champs on the 7th Aug starting at 9am.

Venue is where the SDW crosses the road leading to Devils Dyke.

The course is from the SDW gate where it crosses the road at Devils Dyke westward to the matal gate at the bottom of Beeding Hill and then back to the starting gate, about 13.4km. The course follows the clearly defined SDW path all the way passing over Truleigh Hill and passing the youth hostel. No detours around hills or over open land to side of path.

At the bottom of Beeding Hill, the turn back point, there will be water and marshal Peter Knee, water can also be obtained from the tap at the youth hostel and start/finish.

No handicap but runners will go off 30 secs apart. Trophy for 1st Senior up to 40 (M&F) and also 1st O40 (M&F).

If your interested please e-mail:

Names so far below, if you have changed your mind please let us know as well:
Jenny Hughes Caroline Wood Mark Stephenson Colin Hannant Alan Silvester Steve McNealy Malcolm Roweth Brigitte Groves Michele Saunders Jim Risdale Teo van Well Dorian Rogers Marc Bonaldi Anne Miners Marcus Escott Kat Rowinska Julie Drake Tara Shanahan Kirsty Parker Amanda Hall Jodie Rigg

Start & turn Back pictures attached plus link to photos of route.

Click here for: Course Pictures

Danny is trying to bend Graham’s arm for some coffee money at Dyke after.
Thanks Danny & Bob

Get to Know…Dan Vaughan

Get to know…Dan Vaughan

There's no hiding behind this tree.

There’s no hiding behind this tree.

We are joined this week by the man who seems to take every first place for the O40’s in almost every race he does. He is a human metronome and with his very upright running style towers amongst most of his competitors. Let’s find out more about Mr Vaughan.

Name: Dan Vaughan

1. When did you join Arena: 
2013, after I quit my London job and so could make it to evening sessions. Bob sweet-talked me into choosing Arena.

2. How long have you been running:
A friend persuaded me to do the Great North Run in 2006 – my first ever race. I used to play footy regularly (centre back) but had to stop in 2003 after knee surgery. Luckily I can run in straight lines – it’s just kicking people that hurts.

3. Where did you grow up:
Born in Manchester, grew up & schooled in Knutsford (Cheshire) where my mum and sister still live. They’re not the same person – that only happens the other side of the Pennines.

4. How many pairs of trainers do you have:
On the low side at moment – only 8 pairs in active service, with 4 waiting patiently on top of the wardrobe.

5. In your opinion, what is the best movie ever:
The English Patient. Or at least the key movie in my life – I softened up my girlfriend with it on DVD before proposing to her. She’s still tolerating me after 16 years of marriage. Any rumours that I only actually proposed after Match of the Day are TOTALLY UNFOUNDED.

6. Tell us about something you would happily do again:
Best holiday of my life was a 10 day tour of Chile. Desert, volcanoes, Andes, Santiago, vineyards, Patagonia…  I’d love to go back, and take at least 20 days…

7. If you had one word to describe yourself, what would you choose:
“Cantankerous” has been mentioned on the odd occasion. Very unfair. I’d go for “organised” or “tidy”. Might as well go for “dull” and be done with it.

8. Have you got any running rituals you do before a race: 
Breakfast 3 hours before it starts – just coffee & cereal. Then nothing till a bottle of Lucozade on the start line. Dull.

9. Who is your sporting hero:
Gary Pallister. (Manchester United centre back in the 1990s)

10. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, what can you touch:
My right arm. I have very long arms.

11. What is your one weakness:
My wine cellar. It leads me astray.

12. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear:
Tour de France on TV downstairs. Come on the Froome dog. My 7 year old son is capable of watching even more sport on TV than me.

13. If money was no object, where you most like to visit:
I’ve always wanted to do a driving holiday from San Francisco up the coastline through California and Oregon to Seattle… Lucky that… See you when I get back in a few weeks…

14. What type of music do you like to listen to:
The Stone Roses. Am a bit partial to Johnny Cash too. And The Smiths. My musical knowledge seems to end in the 1990s.

15. What’s something we don’t know about you:
My Dad was Lord Mayor of York in 1999/2000 (despite being Lancastrian!). I suppose that’s not really about me though. I got a grade A in Home Economics GCSE.

16. What would be in your perfect sandwich:
An Aussie Shiraz and an Argentinian Malbec with a South African Pinotage in the middle. Not the night before a race though.

17. What’s the furthest you have ridden on your bike:
I cycled 1100 miles in 10 days from Bordeaux to Alicante via the Pyrenees after I’d graduated in 1993. And that included 2 days rest in Barcelona tracking down some bike parts! Happy days. My best mate sat in my slipstream the whole way, the lazy toe rag. Although if you know me, that can be a pretty unpleasant place to be.

18. Would you prefer to go bungee jumping or sky diving and have you done either or are you going to at some point: 
Definitely sky diving. I did a parachute jump for charity 25 years ago – loved it. Maybe take up skydiving when the legs give out.

19. What was the last photo you took on your phone:
At Wimbledon 2 weeks ago. Photography ain’t my thing – I’ll leave that to Danny Cartier-Bresson Cartledge.

20. Where are you happiest when you are out running:
Racing! Favourite local race has to be the Hastings Half – on roads, but suitably challenging. Most scenic race I’ve done was the Two Oceans 56k in Cape Town.

Our biggest thanks to Dan for this week’s Q&A’s and you can’t miss Dan at track on Monday’s and Hove Park on Thursday’s. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our next chosen club member.

Age grading club record broken already.

So the first week of the new parkrun club records go up on the website and already one of the age grading records has been broken. A huge congratulations to Chris Naylor who secures first place in the age grading for the Hove Prom with 88.79% with her time of 21.51. Chris now holds the age grading club records for Preston Park, Hove Promanade and 2nd place for Brighton & Hove parkrun. Excellent running from the club stalwart.

Key race dates for Arena 80 members.

Just to let you know the dates of our next 3 club only running events with details to follow closer to the time. Helpers always required for any of these events please.

The next 3 club only running events.
Sunday 7th August – 9am – Arena 80 club event Hill Running  Event 13K+ starting at Devil’s Dyke. New event Year 1.

Tuesday 23rd August – 6.30pm – Arena 80 club event – The Adur Challenge 10k, Shoreham River Bank – Handicap event based on ability. Year 18. This is race 10 of the Super Series challenge.

Monday 19th September – 6.15pm – Arena 80 club event – The Hove Prom 6k – Set off in waves.

Please don’t forget that we require marshals for our club fund raiser – The Hove Prom 10k on Sunday 18th September. If you don’t do any of the others please spare some time for the 18th Sept so we can continue to make this the best race that we can.

Bob & Danny

Other key running date:
Monday 29th August – 11am – Kings Head Canter 5k – This is race 11 of the Super Series challenge.

Key social event dates for the diary in 2016.

Social Events 2016
Tuesday 16th August – Blue Plaque Run
For further details:

Friday 26th August – Volley Ball Tournament – 7pm.
If interested please email: or comment on post on Facebook.
For further details:

Friday 14th October – Ten Pin Bowling.
Time and place TBC

Saturday 17th December – Arena Xmas Party.
The View, Western Esplanade, Kingsway, Hove