The Vitality London 10k race report

A race report by Lucy Anderson on the vitality London 10k

The 07:28 from Brighton to London Victoria was the meeting place for many of the Arena athletes for the Vitality London 10,000. There were already a few nerves but travelling up as a group made the journey short and enjoyable. It was certainly going to be a warm and muggy affair with temperatures already in the high teens. Bags dropped there was time for a bit of a warm up – however due to the other 16,000 runners in Green Park and heading up the Mall, it was difficult to warm up as some might have wanted to. Once assembled in the start pens, there was a minute silence to remember those who died, were injured and effected in the tragic events in Manchester a week ago – it was very moving. Runners were invited to wear something yellow in memory, it was fantastic to see so many doing so in solidarity.

3,2,1, GO! The great thing about being slower than most of our athletes is getting to see the fast runners heading back on any out-and-back sections of the route. I managed to see a few Arena tops and there was some shouting encouragement across at each other too. As predicted, it was a hot, muggy and sweaty run. The organisation of the event, however, meant there were 2 very well organised and manned water stops along the route with plenty of bottles of water. Everyone appreciated the showers around the 6km mark – I could’ve done with a personal shower all the way round though! The entertainment along the course was fantastic with everything from African drumming, samba bands, reggae bands to musical theatre choirs – something for everyone! The people of London came out to the streets in force too to cheer the runners on – it’s a great opportunity to sample what the atmosphere must be like on marathon day!

Finally, the finish line appeared and it was over. Chip time removed, goodie bag in hand and medal round my neck I headed to collect my bag from the drop tent – I’ve never seen one more organised and smooth running! I found a group of Arena’s by the tents and we exchanged war stories, all concluding that it was a bit hot out there! A group photo later and it was time to find family and friends and indulge in some post-run refuelling!

Overall a brilliantly organised event with great support, entertainment and facilities along the route. A lovely medal and t-shirt memento and, as always, a great sense of community and team spirit from the blues!

Al Silvester ​​34:16
Caroline Hoyte​35:45
Del Wallace ​​36:30
Maisie Trafford​37:02
David Gifford​​37:21
Teo Van Well​​39:09
Tara Shanahan ​39:13
James Gladman​40:19
Julie Briggs​​45:57
Vicki Clark​​45:57
Lucy Anderson​48:18
Kate Rowinska​51:49

Phoenix Open and BMC races worth going to watch with Arena representation.

Phoenix Open and BMC races entries close at 5pm this Saturday. The races are at Withdean next Wed, 31st May. There’s an Open 800m and 3000m, plus a BMC Regional 800m/1500m. If you don’t fancy racing, then it should be a good one to watch – there should be some fast runners in the BMC races. We have representation by several Arena athletes: Al Silvester 3000m, Joe Ashley 1500m and Alex Jago 800m. Also the BMC 1500m has a couple of internationals entered for it. I’m informed that it is free entry but do please check first,

This is definitely a good one for spectators to watch as there are a lot of races which go pretty much one after the other.

Sunday 21st May – Arena 80 round up.

Such gorgeous weather today for spectators although a tad too warm for our athletes perhaps, however the show must go on and so it did.

Arena athletes were at several different races today so here is a round-up of some of the results that have come in.

First off we pop over to the Sussex Grand Prix 10k event held at Horsham. We are very pleased to announce that Arena had two 1st places here.

Congratulations to Jenny Hughes for her 1st place in the O55 category as well as placing 4th lady, great work jenny.

Dan Vaughan was 1st in the O45 category as well as placing 11th overall which is pretty outstanding considering he is running with an ongoing injury at the moment, well done Dan.

Flying over to Kent where Emily Hutchinson took on a very rare 10k event by taking on the University of Kent 10k. Emily is more known for her love of hills and half/full marathons so this was a bit of a rarity to see her taking on this distance. We are pleased to confirm that Emily placed 2nd lady, really well done Emily.

Next we scoot down to Bognor for the 10k held there. We are proud to say that our Arena men’s team came home in a very credible 4th place. There was a particularly strong field out for this event so to get 4th was a top run from our all of our men.
Jim Risdale took the crowing glory as first Arena man home placing 16th in a time of 36.26. The other men were Dave Gifford 21st – 37.37; Del Wallace 24th – 37.56; Craig Isaac 34th – 38.35; James Gladman 69th – 40.43 & Gary Osbourne 128th – 43.23. A sterling effort from all of the guys and congratulations to you all. 
Congratulations to all of athletes on a fine days racing.


Caroline Wood hits a parkrun milestone.

Caroline Wood has achieved her 150th first female finish at parkrun this weekend after a bit of a running tussle with an ex Arena member Aimee Billington.

Caroline has achieved this incredible feat at 50 different parkrun courses around the UK and has the third most female first finishes of all female parkrunners in the UK, regardless of age. Her greatest number of first finishes is at Hove Park (61) where she may be about to be overtaken by Graham Godden.

Parkrun is not about winning but at the age of 54 Caroline said “she is very proud of her achievement and this milestone”. Needless to say a huge congratulations from everyone at Arena 80 on such a fine achievement.

Richard Clayton sets a new club record for the Hove Prom parkrun.

Another Saturday parkrun and another club record goes marching on.

Today’s record is bought to you by Richard Clayton courtesy of Hove Promenade parkrun. Continuing on from Richards impressive 3k track 1st place at Withdean in the clubs Super Series race, Richard showed that his speed work was not a one-off and took to Hove Prom this morning to again show what he is capable of. He took 1st place and was tracked pretty much all of the way by Al Silvester who came home in 2nd place 14 seconds behind Richard which, considering Al had been out on the Friday night and supped a few Ales, was impressive in itself.

Richard Clayton’s time was 16.22 beating his previous best at this course which was 17.00 set in 2016. Richard has come a long way in some 10 months when his time in July 2016 was then 20.38. Al Silvester who was 2nd was just 2 seconds away from his PB with his time of 16.36.

First lady home today was Emily Proto with her time of 18.42. Great to see Emily coming back to form after a lengthy lay off due to injury which has stopped her from getting out there to run. I know Emily has been working hard to get her fitness back and let’s hope this is the start of good things to come from her.

3rd lady home was Rebecca Knights who took to the Prom and came away with a new PB time of 19.39 which was 18 seconds better than her previous time set in 2016. Rebecca has shown much improvement since joining Arena late last year and is also one to watch over the next year.

On to the main event then, which was Richard Clayton’s 1st place today. With his 1st place also comes a new men’s club record to the Hove Prom parkrun. Richard catapults himself from 4th place to 1st place, taking over from Timmy Gedin. On this kind of form, could there be more records to come from Richard? Congratulations Richard and really well done to Emily and Rebecca.

This is how the records now look:
Hove Promenade parkrun Men
1 Richard Clayton 2017 16m 22s
2 Timmy Gedin 2016 16m 28s
3 Luan Huynh 2016 16m 29s
4 Al Silvester 2016 16m 34s
5 Anthony Snelling 2016 17m 11s

All the club records can be found here:

Worthing parkrun has a refurb in terms of club records.

It was a trip down the coast to Worthing this morning as a few of the Arenites decided that the parkrun  club records needed a refurb.

The conditions weren’t ideal for a full on flat-out run with a fairly brisk headwind on the outward stretch but of course they had it behind them on the return stretch.

Some 434 runners took to the prom for today’s race with 11 of them coming from Arena.

The Arena men were in fine form taking positions 2nd Al Silvester – 16.44, 4th Michael Barker – 17.26, 5th Jim Risdale – 17.34, 11th David Gifford – 18.09 New PB, 12th Adam Clayton – 18.11 and 13th Dan Vaughan – 18.19 which was quite a standing in a large field.

For the women, we had two entries coming home in 2nd and 9th in the lady’s race. Well done to Isobel Muir who ran in at 2nd place in a new PB time of 20.57 and Lorraine Hale coming home in 9th in 23.41 (please note that the PB’s are for this course only).

So what does that all mean for the club records then? It’s fair to say that the men’s records have taken a right battering with four new entries now taken their roll of honour in the men’s section.

James Dicks holds on to his top spot but in come Al, Michael, Jim and David. Al Silvester has done well considering he has been living on three hours sleep a night for the last week with his new baby keeping him up for company.

The new Worthing parkrun men’s records now read:

  1. James Dicks 2016 – 16m 29s
  2. Al Silvester 2017 – 16m 44s
  3. Michael Barker 2017 – 17m 26s
  4. Jim Risdale 2017 – 17m 34s
  5. David Gifford 2017 – 18m 09s

There is also a slight change to the age grading records as Al Silvester slots into 2nd place.
Age Grading:

  1. Andy Payne – 79.42%
  2. Al Silvester – 79.28%
  3. Trevor Day – 78.79%
  4. James Dicks – 78.26%
  5. Kevin Lowe – 77.80%

In the ladies club records there is no order change although on today’s new PB from Isobel Muir she improves her time in 3rd place.

The new Worthing parkrun women’s records now read:

  1. Emily Proto 2016 – 17m 29ss
  2. Caroline Wood 2016 – 19m 59s
  3. Isobel Muir 2017 – 20m 57s
  4. Jenny Hughes 2016 – 21m 06s
  5. Angelina Smy 2016 – 21m 46s

There is no change to the age grading records for the women.

Well done to all of our guys who made the long trek out to Worthing and having a go at the records.

Get to know…Joannah Arias

For this weeks chosen club member we are joined by the girl with the big smile Joannah Arias. A lady that works hard at the track sessions and as the saying goes “work hard, play hard” and having seen this girl in action at the Arena Christmas party then she definitely defines both. A mother of three beautiful children, so where does she get all her energy from to train at Withdean and run in races? It’s beyond me and whatever she’s having then please share it with the rest of the other club members. So guys put your hands together and give a big warm welcome to the lady that is Joannah Arias.

1. When and why did you join Arena:
Initially after finishing Manchester Marathon  in April 2015 and wanting to try to improve my running time but I think I was only a member for about a month by the time I realised I was expecting my 3rd baby so I took a break again until after he was born in May 2016.

2. How long have you been running:
I ran as a child in county cross-country teams and was always very sporty – until I hit my rebellious teenage years and then drank and smoked my way through university etc etc. I took up running again after my second child was born in 2011 for the simple reason that it gave me time to myself! Bliss.

3. Where did you grow up:
Leamington Spa in the midlands.

4. Which three words describe you best: 
Tall, tired and hungry.

5. Apart from running what else do you do with your free time:
Free time??? (I have 3 small children).

6. What’s been the highlight of 2016: 
Awwww so easy – the birth of my gorgeous little boy!

7. Tell me about something you would happily do again:
Have another baby… it’s all just a numbers game now anyway!

8. What was your favourite subject at school: 

9. Who is your sporting hero:
Sorry to be boring but Paula Radcliffe. (admin says: I think Paula has been the most popular answer by the majority of most members so far).

10. What will be a highlight of 2017: 
I was waiting to answer this one in the hope that I would finally get to say running a sub 4 marathon…. AND I DID on bank holiday Monday. It might not be a remarkable time for many Arena runners but I’ve been trying to break it since finishing Manchester in 2015 in 4.02 and then finding out it was a short course! Marathon running is definitely not my forte so I’m happy to be able to hang up my long distance trainers now and focus on achieving some PBs over shorter distances.

11. Have you anything on your bucket list that you still want to do:
Gosh – yes – lots!

12. What is your favourite drink:
Wine, followed closely by tea. I’m pretty much always drinking one or the other!

13. What makes you laugh:
My children, all the time and pretty much anything on a toilet humour level.

14. Name 3 people (dead or alive) you would like to sit in a pub with:
Katy, Megan and Barbara. 3 friends who live too far away to catch up with on a regular basis – long overdue some uninterrupted pub time with them. It’s the simple things!

15. Tell us something we don’t know about you:
I don’t like parsnips.

16. What do you think about the most:
Probably my kids!

17. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch: 
The baby’s monitor.

18. When are you at your happiest:  
When I’m with my family/or drinking wine. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

19. If you didn’t run what other sport would you like to have done:
Athletics – loved high jump as a child.

20. What has been you all-time favourite TV programme:
The series 24 – I binge watched it so much in the later stages of my first pregnancy that I swear my daughter recognised Jack Bauer’s voice over her own fathers!

Our biggest thanks to Joannah for her Q&A’s this week and we hope that you feel that you have now got to know Joannah a little better. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our chosen club member.