The next 3 club only running events.

Hi Arena Members,

Just to let you know the dates of our next 3 club only running events with details to follow closer to the time. Helpers always required for any of these events please.

Sunday 7th Aug 9am Arena 80 Hill Running Club Only Event 13K+ starting at Devil’s Dyke. New event Year 1.

Tuesday 23rd Aug 6.30pm The Adur Challenge 10k, Shoreham River Bank – Handicap event based on ability. Year 18.

Monday 19th Sep 6.15pm The Hove Prom 6k – Go off in waves.

Please don’t forget that we require marshals for our club fund raiser – The Hove Prom 10k on Sunday 18th September. If you don’t do any of the others please spare some time for the 18th Sep so we can continue to make this the best race that we can.


Bob & Danny

Arena Family day, Games & Picnic – Sunday July 17th – Hove Lawns 12pm onwards

Hi Guys

We are looking to put on our first Arena family day where all Arena members are welcome along with their partners and children as well. The idea is to be able to have a sociable afternoon together, play a few games and you bring your own picnic along. The reason for the Hove Lawns is, if it’s a hot day you have the sea nearby to cool off in, there are toilet facilities and a café nearby. Games are not mandatory but are there if you would like to join in with. At this point I am looking for numbers that might be interested in this before we start putting games and times together. Could you please either drop me an email: or comment on the Arena FB post so we can start putting numbers together. This is a very laid back affair and is a chance for Areneez to socialize without having to rush off to a start line and rush off afterwards and a chance for family’s to mix with each other. I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Many thanks Marc & Holly (Social Team).

P.S can I just add you don’t have to have family to attend, this is for all Areneez members with or without family.

The Weakest Link 2016

A motley looking crew.

We came, we saw, we got very wet.

This is a fun local race covering a 2.5km course over by Black Rock. It is run in teams of four with each runner running one leg, after all 4 runners have run their leg the whole team completes a final leg together. The time stops when the last runner of the 4 crosses the line.

Demonstrating the perfect calf stretch.

Demonstrating the perfect calf stretch.

What an epic Weakest Link race it was. We arrived to sit on the banks of Dukes Mound basking in the warmth of the summer sunshine and looking forward to the great event that is ‘The Weakest Link’. Slowly the green grass of the mound turned into a sea of blue vests as Arena 80 started to take over the Mound. For those that have never taken part in this event, I have to say you really are missing out on one of the friendliest races you will find in the racing calendar. Yes there are other clubs that take this seriously and they want to put on a good show and of course there is nothing wrong with this, I mean after all it is a race, but what makes this race stand out from the rest is the sheer camaraderie shown not only from the Areneez but from other clubs and individuals that make up teams as well.

Where are they?

Where are they?

With the team names slowly being distributed amongst our Arena members, the anticipation grew along with the excitement. There were smiles all round as the teams were formed and individual legs were announced. Members checked to see who they would be racing along with as well as the other clubs taking part. Arena fielded the most teams with 10 groups formed so there was a mighty fine sea of blue wherever you looked. The teams are made of those of an improvers ability as leg 1 and those of a particularly turn of speed at leg 4 and legs 2 & 3 made up of a mixture of ability. The teams are very cleverly put together by Mark Stephenson and are very well matched against each other although this does become a very tricky task to do especially as there are last minute drop outs and some no shows on the day so there is much changing required for this race and Mark Stephenson should be congratulated for doing such a fine job with this.

Tag youre it.

The course is short but testing in parts with no more so than the first part of the race where you hit a short but steep path and if you get this wrong then you are twonked for the next 5 minutes recovering your breath. There is a long downward hill where you can gain some ground before it turns and heads back on the straight to Black Rock where you are greeted, cheered and clapped by a wall of runners which lifts the spirits as you go by. Over a short mound and then you hit the zig zag path, 5 zig zags which take you up to the top road where you try to recover the breath before you go under the tunnel which brings you out on to the top ridge for those waiting at the start line to be able to see you. Along the top ridge where you turn at the end and then you hit the middle path to make your last dash and try to kick in a bit more pace before you take the last turn and onto the grass for the last ditch effort of a sprint to make the hand over and that’s all there is to it, oh and yes gasping for breath and not being able to talk to anyone after that is obligatory.

All of the first leg runners lined up to take their starters position and it was all done with good humour and much banter being shared around the other runners, like I said, it’s a friendly race. The hooter starts the race and we’re off with the sun still shining, no wind and a prefect evening for running. It’s strange but when you run this race you kind of forget there are other clubs around you as you get so focused on the other Arena members that you are running against.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

As the race progressed the skies were looking ominously darker out to sea and in the Arena camp the lead had changed a couple of times until there was a clear break away on leg 3. By the time we formed for our last group leg the skies opened up and along with the cracks of thunder and bolts of lightning over our heads, it was an extremely wet affair but to be honest by that point we didn’t care, it was still wind free and warm so it made no difference as the mood and camaraderie was second to none out there. We say congratulations to the winners of the Arena side of the competition that came in 10th overall out of the 74 teams that took part. See results below with the Arena inter club positions and the also the overall places of the race competition. If you have never done this race before then add this to your diary for next year as an enjoyable racing experience and a chance to mix with your club members. Thank you Mark Stephenson for such a great job done and making so many so happy.

The winning Arena team consisted of Jackie Rymell, Andy Paterson, Jodie Rigg & Timmy Gedin. Well run guys and well done to all the other Arena runners that took part in such dramatic weather.

Tara holding the men back.

Tara holding the men back.

The results of the Arena teams:

1st – Arena 4 – 52.15 – 10th overall

2nd  – Arena A – 54.50 – 16th overall

3rd  – Arena H – 55.08 – 18th overall

4th  – Arena E – 56.07 – 20th overall

5th  – Arena C – 56.54 – 24th overall

6th  – Arena D – 57.09 – 25th overall

7th  – Arena G – 57.42 – 28th overall

8th  – Arena F – 59.00 – 33rd overall

9th  – Arena B – 59.17 – 35th overall

10th– Arena J – 60.04 – 40th overall

Arena Super Series table after the 8th Super Series race.

Blue sea of tranquillity, well kind of.

Blue sea of tranquillity, well kind of.

Please note that my report is done on the accumulation of points. The Super Series table shows the order slightly differently to my report as it goes by the lowest number of points over 6 races which of course is the aim of the challenge as opposed to the accumulation of points.

So the Super Series challenge is now at the half way stage and the table is starting to take some sort of shape however with 8 races still to go there is a possibility for a number of athletes to come in with a late run (excuse the pun) and make their mark on this table.

In the men’s table the top 10 has 1 non mover, 4 going up, 3 going down and 2 new entries.

First off we should give big kudos to Dan Vaughan and Del Wallace for turning up for this 10k race fresh from their heroic 100 mile relay race just the day before. Hardcore to the core.

With the absence of Butch Cassidy (recovering from the 100 mile relay) the Sundance Kid knew this could be a great opportunity to saddle up, put his hat on, ride into town and snatch himself a decent place to keep those points down and thus it proved. There was no sheriff around to slow this boy down. The Sundance Kid takes 2 points to give him a total of 46pts and regains top billing for the first time since he first topped it back in January. With Butch taking a hit of 30 points as a non-runner, it pushes him back into 2nd position and he sits on 69pts. This is an epic duel these two are putting on for us and still plenty to play for but it looks like these two are riding off into the sunset together.

In 3rd place and the only man to have featured in the top 5 of the table for all 8 races is Alex ‘Pacer’ Jago. Even though he took on 30pts as a non-runner he still holds onto 3rd spot with 115pts.

Moving up 3 places is Teo Van Well or as we like to say ‘Teo Ran Well’. Teo’s rise into the top 5 has been off a pretty decent run of races which sees him improve his position for the 6th race in a row as he now reaches his highest position to date in 4th place with a total of 122pts. Teo now looks to be chasing down Alex for that 3rd place spot.

Completing the top 5 is Paul ‘Puffer’ Gasson who drops one place having taken on 30pts as a non-runner and now has 133pts. Paul has now featured in the top 10 in 7 out of the last 8 races.

Of the rest of the top 10 we have 1 going down, 2 going up and 2 new entries.

At number 6 is Rob Derkin who moves up 1 place equalling his highest place in the top 10. Rob sits with 134pts and just 1 point behind Mr Gasson. There is a new entry also in 6th place for Joe ‘Squirrel’ Ashley. Joe had a superb race at Worthing clocking in with a new PB for the distance by some 10 seconds. Although Joe played this down, considering the heat on race day I would say it was great effort from Joe who chased both Ruben Hoyte and Richard Clayton in the last 500 metres to snatch the 1 point from Richard’s grasp. Squirrel also sits with 134pts. At number 8 is Sam Bennett who is also another athlete who has been a permanent fixture in the top 10 for the last 7 races. He moves up 2 places with a total of 136pts. Dropping 4 places to number 9 is Jim Watson on a 139pts. Completing the top 10 is a new entry for Dan Vaughan. Having competed in the 100 mile relay just the day before, Dan still put in a sterling effort to bring him home as the 6th Arena man and giving himself 6pts. Dan now sits on 142pts. Just one good race from any of the men from position 5 to 10 could change everything and places could be at a premium now, it’s all very close.

On to the Women’s table and I would like to bring you some news of a big shake up with loads of new entries and big movers after the Worthing 10k, alas it was not to be. Of the top 10 there is 1 going down, 1 new entry and 8 non movers (yes 8). All of the top 8 places are non-movers with only 9th and 10th place being of any real significance amongst the top 10.

Still sitting pretty in 1st place is Caroline Wood despite taking a 30pt penalty and has 82pts. This is Caroline’s 5th time at the summit in a row and has shown very good consistency over all of her races to keep her there.

Holding on to 2nd place is Jenny Hughes with 94pts. With Caroline Wood missing the Worthing 10k this gave Jenny a great chance to close the gap at the top. Jenny placed 4th Arena female and has now narrowed the gap from 38pts down to 12pts.

The ever present Isobel Muir continues her top 5 reign with her 6th place female Arena placing which now stands her on 97 pts. Along with Caroline Wood, these ladies have now featured in the top 5 of the table for every single race so far.

Continuing her hold in the top 5 and in 4th place is the dark horse of the group Angelina Smy. This is her 5th consecutive showing in the top 5 and now has a total of 108pts over the 8 races.

Another one of those ladies also making a name for herself in this Super Series Challenge is Anne Miners. This is now Anne’s 5th consecutive top 5 appearance and certainly showing that anyone over the age of 25 😉 can still mix it with the best of ‘em. Anne’s points total is now 115 in 5th place.

Of the rest of the top 10 in equal 6th place we have Brigitte Groves and Caroline Hoyte both on 125pts. Brigitte always digs deep during her races and as such is rewarded with her 5th consecutive top 10 appearance. Caroline Hoyte showed up for the Worthing 10k and although she was a little disappointed with her time, she still came home as 1st Arena female. Of the 4 Super Series races Caroline has raced in she has placed three 1st’s and one 2nd. Not a bad statistic to have.

At number 8 is Louise Payne with 135 pts. Louise has done well considering she had an injury not so long ago and is still coming back from it. Even so it was a good race for her at Worthing and keeps her as a non-mover in 8th.

BIG FANFARE TIME as there is a new entry at number 9 (not a non-mover) for Nicky Yeates. Nicky placed 8th Arena women at Worthing and this coming off a late night and bottle of wine the night before. Still it did no harm as Nicky came home 8th Arena lady and secures her 1st top 10 placing with 154pts. Completing the ladies top 10 and falling 1 place is Vicki Clark on 160pts.

To view both the Men’s and Women’s full table click here: A80 Super Series 8 top 40 Super Series Race 8

Well done to all who took part in the desert heat of the Worthing 10k, I’m sure I saw camels out there or was I hallucinating in that heat? Just a reminder that the 9th Super Series race will be the Phoenix 10k on Wednesday 13th July starting at 7.30pm along the Hove Promenade. This is a Sussex Grand Prix event so you can expect a good turnout for this race and this should be considered as one of your main races for this year.

Vet’s League O35’s – Lewes, Monday 4th July

The 2nd Vet’s league meeting is at Lewes on 4 July
This is open to anyone of the age of 35 and over.
As I have said on numerous occasions in the past, these meetings are good fun and are nowhere near as elitist as you might think. There is always a fantastic team camaraderie amongst or members and if you have not tried this before then it is highly recommended to try at least one of these meets.

The standard does vary from very good (Paul Gasson) to very poor but meaningful (Graham Shorter), so there is almost certainly a competitive event with your name on it.
I’ll again be organising both the men’s and women’s teams for this meet. 

If you are interested in competing  please let me know, with your age (so I don’t offend you when I put you in the over 50’s and you’re only 36) and preferred events. It is sometimes helpful to say ‘Oh, I don’t mind what I do’ but I would rather put you in the event that you really want to do. If we have too many for any event, there is the opportunity to compete as a non scorer. Although we take the competing seriously, we don’t try to fill each event (Hammer etc) just to get points.

For a list of events to participate in please see list at the bottom of this post.

If you like the idea of competing in this then please email me directly (and not to the Arena email address). Please email:
I look forward to hearing from you all.
Graham Shorter

Note that in all individual track events the V35 age group is open to an A & B string competitor from each club but the V50 and V60, where offered, are for A string only. All age groups in field events have A string athletes only.  Throws and horizontal jumps are limited to 3 trials only.  Relay races are open to any mix of eligible athletes.

Track & Field events to participate in.

18.30    Discus                M          35         50         60

18.30    Shot                    W          35         50

18.40    2000m walk       M&W    35         50

19.00    Triple Jump        M          35         50

19.00    Pole Vault           M&W   35         50

19.05    800m                   M         35         50

19.15    800m                   W         35         50

19.20    Discus                 W         35         50         60

19.25    200m                   M         35         50         60

19.35    200m                   W         35         50         60

19.35    Javelin                  M         35         50

19.45    3000m                 M         35         50

19.50    Long Jump          W         35         50

20.00    5000m                 W         35         50

20.30    4x200m               M

20.45    4x200m               W

Age is but a number.

Age is but a number.




Key race dates in July for Arena 80 members.

Monday 4th July – Vet’s league meeting O35’s – Lewes 6.15pm
See separate post on website about this one.

Wednesday 6th July – 9th WSFRL race – Steyning 6 miler

Saturday 9th July – Hove Promenade parkrun – Arena takeover

Wednesday 13th July – 9th Super Series race – Phoenix 10k

Sunday 24th July – 10th WSFRL race – Henfield Joggers 4 miler

Hove Prom parkrun – Saturday 9th July (Hove Proms first birthday) – Arena Takeover 8.30am
To celebrate Hove Proms 1st birthday, Arena 80 are having a prom takeover to help celebrate. Arena will be supplying Marshall’s as well as pacers for the event. A nice way to give back to the running community as well as showing what a great club Arena 80 are.

Get to Know…Caroline Hoyte

With all the committee members now complete, we now turn our attention to our club members. We get the ball rolling with one of the clubs longest serving members and an Arena Stalwart. Caroline Hoyte has represented Great Britain and held national titles during her running career. Caroline still has so much drive and determination which this photo captures perfectly from just last week. Caroline is pretty adept to most distances and has a personal best at 5k of 16.26 and going right up to a half marathon time of 76.57. Meet Caroline Hoyte.

Did somebody say free chocolate.

Did somebody say free chocolate.

Name: Caroline Hoyte

 1. When did you join Arena:

2. How long have you been running:
I started running about a year before then.

3. Where did you grow up:
Kingston upon Thames.

4. Why did you choose to join Arena:
Because they had a strong women’s section.

5. How many pairs of trainers do you have:
I have quite a few pairs of trainers I know, I know. But come on…I’m married to the owner of a running shop so temptation is dangled in front of me on a daily basis! (admin says: The Run Shop in Blatchington Road, great service & great running shoes).

6. Who is your sporting hero:
Jo Pavey.

7. Define a moment in your life:
When I first set eyes on my husband to be….majestically running full throttle with dreadlocks flying in the wind.

8. What’s on your bucket list:
Huh! I’m looking forward to writing one when (if?!) the children leave home.

9. Can you touch your nose with your tongue:
Err, no.

10. Who in your life has influenced you the most:
Kurt. (admin says: Husband).

11. What were you like a school:
Careless (according to my reports).

12. What’s your favourite kind of drink:

13. What’s your favourite brand of sportswear:
Currently I’m loving my On trainers.

14. What’s your favourite music / song / band:

15. Apart from running, what else do you do with your free time:
I sing in a choir.

16. What types of books do you like to read:

17. Something or someone you miss the most from childhood:
My Nan.

18. What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up:
Running (I was hell to live with when I was pregnant!).

19. What in your opinion was your best race:
Hyde Park women’s 5k challenge 2010. I ran a pb and was even on the telly for the first couple of kilometres!

20. Tell us something we don’t know about you:
I play Scrabble a lot.

Our biggest thanks to Caroline for this week’s Q&A’s. Caroline holds several of our Arena club records which can be found under our results section of our website and can often been found at our training session on a Thursday chasing her son Ruben who is a fine up and coming junior into the running scene.

Key social event dates for the diary in 2016.

Social Events 2016
Sunday 17th July – Arena Family Day – Picnic & Games.
Hove Lawns – 12pm onwards – See separate post on website for further details.

Tuesday 26th July – Blue Plaque Run – Team event.
Time and place TBC

Friday 29th July – Arena Camping Trip.
See below for details

Friday 26th August – Volley Ball Tournament – 7pm.
If interested please email: or comment on post on Facebook.

Friday 14th October – Ten Pin Bowling.
Time and place TBC

Saturday 17th December – Arena Xmas Party.
The View, Western Esplanade, Kingsway, Hove

Friday 29th July – Arena Camping Trip 2016
Arena camping trip 2016: – Quite a lot of club members have now booked for this trip so it looks like it will be well attended and should make for a great trip. There are still spaces if you wish to book. Please see below for details.

The dates for the intended trip this year are Friday 29th July until Wednesday 3rd August. The location will be the delightful Hollands Wood campsite in the new Forest. There is a Parkrun at nearby Moors Valley for those who can’t go without their weekly fix! This is the tenth year of the Arena camping trip, so how about some new faces to join in the drinking/eating/barbecue/running/cycling and general nonsense?

This trip is not organised by anyone and so it’s a case of everyone booking their own trip and getting yourself down there etc. This is a trip for any Areneez to join in with and to have bit of fun with fellow Areneez members , the trips have always had a great vibe to them.

To book follow this link: