David kemp we salute you! 250 and counting.

It was a very special parkrun at Hove Park this week for one of our Arena 80 athletes. We should be very proud to have amongst us at our Arena, one Mr David kemp. One of the true modern-day 
gentlemen and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

David reached the giddy heights of 250 parkruns this weekend at Hove Park and did it in the way he is most accustomed too by pacing round the 24 minute group. You will very often see David giving back to the running community by volunteering as a pacemaker for the various parkruns in Brighton & Hove.

A very unselfish athlete who upholds the image of Arena 80 by always trying to give something back to our sport, indeed David is a very accomplished athlete in his own right but for today we must say congratulations and well done on such a remarkable milestone. Here’s to the next 250 David and thank you from parkrun and the running community alike, we’re proud to have you associated with Arena 80.

The sun came out and so did the Arena PB’s at parkrun.

With an early sign of spring showing its face at parkrun today and so the Areneez  came out to play. It was another day filled with personal best’s from our athletes.

With some Arena crew having one eye on next weeks Brighton Half Marathon, this was a good time to check in with a little speed work for next week.

Ricky Coleman

At Hove Park parkrun some 444 runners took to the start line and the man for Arena down there was Ricky Coleman who ran home in 9th place and took a new PB with his time of 18.54.

A trip over to Preston Park parkrun saw a small crowd of 452 gather down there. I’m surprised there was even room to move at the start line. Moved they did though and we had three of our athletes holding their hands aloft in triumph with their new PB’s.
First off was Chris Keene who was 32nd overall but pushed his PB time to 20.18.
The Arena ladies were also in tow and the dynamic duo of Nicky Yeates and Angeline Smy were again working each other and egging each other on for this race and both bagged new PB’s. Nicky Yeates was 7th lady home with her PB of 21.40 and Angelina Smy was 9th lady home in her new PB of 22.09.

Sunglasses and sun cream were required for Hove Prom parkrun this morning along with 264 runners attending this.
Dan Vaughan had already posted in the Arena FB page that he was looking for some company to try to chase a PB time and the way he is currently running, few would have bet against him not getting it. A sea of blue greeted the runners along with the sea of blue vests as many turned up to help Dan Vaughan on his quest. Michael Barker was the man to keep Dan company for his run and we are pleased to say that not only did Dan Vaughan get his PB but he also improved on his own age grading record for this event to keep him very securely in 2nd place, not far behind Paul Gasson. Dan was 3rd home in a new PB time of 17.13 with his age grading moving from 81% to 82.38%. A man who really is in very fine form and has proved that he can cope with all distances at present. Dan has the London Marathon as his main goal in a few weeks time and we wish him well for that and our fingers are crossed that he finally gets the target time he has worked so hard for over this winter.

The men’s new age grading records for Hove Prom now look like this:
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 83.10%
2 Dan Vaughan 82.38%
3 Kevin Lowe – 80.17%
4 Andy Payne – 80.14%
5 Al Silvester – 80.08%

Of the other Arena athlete’s running today, well Michael Barker equalled his PB for this event in a time of 17.27 and came home in 4th place but great company for Dan though.

David Gifford

Jonathan Britten

David Gifford in 9th place also secured a PB with his new time of 18.23 and completing the line up was Jonathan Britten, who was 54th with his new PB time of 21.58.

Congratulations to all those that achieved their PB’s today and well done to all of our athletes who ran and for flying the flag of Arena 80.

Next week is the big one, so Good Luck to all those running the Brighton Half Marathon and the Arena Volunteers will be at The Peace Statue to cheer you on.

Men’s half marathon club records get a bashing.

It seems that never a week goes by where we don’t hear of Arena athletes breaking new ground with PBs but this week we had a treat with an assault on the club Half Marathon records.

It was Half Marathon weekend for many at Arena 80 but for two of our athletes it was particularly inspiring as they took on their respective HMs, looking for personal best times which, if they achieved them, would put them into the Arena men’s club records as an added bonus.

The men’s Half Marathon records have been difficult to break over the years and they have been long standing. In fact the last time an Arena athlete managed to break into the top five was back in 2015 when Al Silvester charged in to third place. We’ve been waiting for a while for some others to come through and change it up and, like buses, two come along at once with both Richard Clayton and James Dicks managing to pull it off.

James Dixie Dicks

James Dicks took on Wokingham and in 44th place also bagged a new PB in 1.15.54 which put him into the club records in 4th spot.

Richard Clayton

Richard Clayton took on Worthing and came home in 9th place with his new PB time of 1.15.58 which was enough to put him into 5th spot on the club records.

With so much hard work having been done over the winter training period by many of our club athletes, it should make for a very interesting Brighton Half Marathon this year and who’s to say that the records won’t be pushed further again.

Congratulations to both Richard and James and welcome to the Arena records.

The new men’s HM club records now look like this:
Half Marathon Men
1 John Schaab SM ? 1989 1h 09m 24s

2 Bill Mulholland O40 Barns Green 1986 1h 15m 00s
3 Al Silvester SM Maidenhead 2015 1h 15s 00s
4 James Dicks SM Wokingham 2017 1h 15m 54s
5 Richard Clayton SM Worthing 2017 1h 15m 58s

For all club records click here: http://arena80.co.uk/results-2017/

Harvey Curtis Race 1 results are in and Arena show their hand.

The Harvey Curtis results are in for race 1 and we need to say well done to our ladies who bought home the apple pie for Arena.

As you know it’s the first six Areneez that score the points for the club and our ladies were on fire over at the Chichester 10k on 5th February.

It’s a great start and everybody who ran helped to do their bit towards the results so a top team effort. There is still a long way to go but a nice way to kick it all off at the start of the year.

Full results can be found here: http://sussexrrc.co.uk/results/

Get to Know…Lucy Anderson

Lucy doesn’t like to wear too much make up.

For this week’s choice we have a lady who juggles her student work next to her running and socialising. She is very much part of the Preston Park parkrun as she often helps out with the pacing of a group. She is always keen and willing to get involved and help out when and wherever she can for the club. Another of the Arena embers who’s running has improved immensely over the last couple of months, knocking up several PB’s just recently. A real pleasure to have along at Arena and a face that always seems to have permanent smile on it. Now please put your hands together and let’s meet the lovely Lucy Anderson.

Name: Lucy Anderson

1.When did you join Arena:
Spring 2015ish.

2. How long have you been running:
I jokingly did cross country at school in years 10 and 11 (mostly for the chips we would go and get after) but “properly” just over 3 years.

3. Where did you grow up:
Shetland for the first 3 years of my life then a small move to Southampton where “home home” still is (as opposed to uni “home” here).

4. When and where were you happiest:
Anywhere with my family or friends.

5. What do you do for fun:
Coffee and cake with friends/be a massive geek and do some reading for my degree/job.

6. Name 3 things you couldn’t live without (excl family):
Music, food (namely cake), sleep.

7. If you owned what would you sell:
I’d love a little bakery/coffee shop – I used to work in one during my gap year (one of my 5 jobs that year) and loved it.

8. What’s your 3 favourite apps on your phone: 
Facebook, Strava (obviously), Snapchat (for my sins!).

9. Who is your sporting hero:
Standard Jess Ennis-Hill never fails to amaze me but equally I’m constantly in awe of everyone at Arena.

10. What kids TV programme do you remember growing up with:
Teletubbies was a particular favourite, teletubbie toast anyone?

11. Where’s your favourite hangout place:
I can often be found in a pub or coffee shop.

12.. What’s the last concert or gig that you went to:
The Royal Concertgebouworchestra at the Barbican in London. Although I’m currently playing in the pit orchestra for Guys and Dolls if that counts?

13. Is there anything you hope to achieve in the next 5 years:
Start working a proper job and hopefully do my masters and specialism. Maybe get a little bit faster too?

14.What type of music do you like most:
Classical/choral (shocking choices for a student – perhaps explained by the next question).

15. What’s something we don’t know about you:
I’m a classically trained musician (clarinet, saxophone, bassoon and voice) and regularly sing in cathedrals across the UK. Music was my life before I came to uni, including being a choral scholar! But please don’t ask me to sing!

16. What’s the last photo you took on your phone:
My housemate in the hammock he knitted from a climbing rope – he’d created some crazy system of hanging it from the banisters over the stairs, I guess that’s what you get living with an engineer.

17. What is the last film you saw at the pictures:
“The pictures” – the cinema? 😛 (admin seems to be showing his age here – yes the Cinema) A Monster Calls – it has some seriously deep and meaningful messages!).

18. What was the first song you ever purchased:
I suspect it was Steps or S-Club 7.

19. If you could have a secret camera in any room in the world, what room would you choose:
I’d love to see what idiocy is going on with those who are “in charge” of the NHS, however I suspect that would just anger me. Any room with a cat in – I love silly cat videos. I think that’s where I loose a lot of my sleep to.

20. What one thing are you most excited about in 2017:
Excited or terrified? Finishing my degree, qualifying as a paramedic and starting the job I have lined up! (is that 3 things?).

Our biggest thanks to Lucy for her Q&A’s this week and we hope that you feel that you have now got to know Lucy a little better. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our chosen club member.

Worthing half marathon – Sunday 12th February

Another cold, dull and dreary day for the Worthing half marathon this morning but that didn’t stop the Arena 80 crew testing out their winter training efforts over the 13. mile course today.

We had five Arena ladies running today and so pleasing to see Emily Proto taking 4th lady home in 1.22.20. Emily Hutchinson taking 6th lady home in 1.24.44 and a new PB. Emma Habba also secured a new PB and really is fine form at the moment with a time of 1.37.04.

Run of the day must go to Kristina Hind who came home as 15th lady in her new PB time of 1.34.57 and even more remarkable as she took most of the latter of last year off and has only recently returned back to training.

Of our leading men we say well done to Al Silvester who was 8th in 1.15.44. Richard Clayton claimed a new PB and was 9th in 1.15.58 and completing our trio was the ever present Dan Vaughan in 16th in a time of 1.18.23.

Well done to all of our athletes who braved it out there today and great to see so many top results.

Jo, Kristina and Emma

DEADLINE MONDAY 13TH FEB 2PM – Krater comedy night – Arena Social

We have now had 20 members signed up for this top night out. A wonderful group of friends that anyone would be more than happy to spend an evening with. You can still be added to the list but the deadline is Monday 13th February at 2pm so please don’t leave it too late if you wish to come along. Please email me directly now at marc.bonaldi@ntlworld.com if you would like to be added.

Dear Arena,
The next Arena social involves a spot of comedy, food and drink, who’s in? A night for us to get together and take a break from running. 

The Details:
Date: Friday 3rd March at 8pm (food somewhere beforehand for those that want to)
Time: 8pm
Cost: Between £12.50 and £16.50 (plus money for food / drinks)
Venue: Krater Comedy Club – https://www.komedia.co.uk/brighton/comedy/krater/

Important details you need to know:
This will only go ahead with a minimum of 12 people.
Please email freehol@live.co.uk by 12th February 2017 to book your place.
You will be required to pay the money before the 24th Feb, we will reply with details of how you can pay when you book your place.
If you cancel your place after Monday 13th February you will still be asked to pay the ticket price.

We hope you can come and join us and hang out with your Arena members on a more sociable evening with some guaranteed laughs! If you’ve not been to the Krater comedy night before then you are in for a treat.

Love from the social reps, Holly and Marc x